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one bitter jersey royal and im all a fluster :(

I was eating my dinner when i had this bitter and burny taste...turns out it was a jersey spud that i was eating, too late as i had already swallowed the bugger, so i ate the rest of my jerseys( that were fine) and roast chicken just to get rid of the taste...of course now im paranoid about being sick - even though any actual experience of this in various forums i found via internet search suggest i will be fine...i wish i didn't eat anthing on top of it now but that taste had to go, even though i can still taste that taste now....never eating jerseys again...although if anyone else has experience of this it would be good to know, before i worry myself sick lol

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This has happened to me , with peanuts & fish

I have been eating peanuts before & had one that has tasted strange , instant panic , yet nothing happened

The last thing I had was some fish a while ago , from the fish shop , it tasted really of , what a panic that sent me in , even though everyone else had eaten it , my head was saying that's it , , I will have food poisoning , again nothing happened

Don't google any more , if you keep doing so , you may come across something that will panic you more

I am sure you will be fine , its panic & anxiety , the more you think , the more you will feel you can still taste it





I really thought I was the.only feel that way about food if it looks funny or tastes different. I have persecuted myself thinking id eaten something that wasnt quite right and I would be ever so ill..i am relieved to know that this is through anxiety. Its something you cant help though and you are so right whywhy nothing happens...try not to worry lady saabra you will be fine xxx


Thank you...I seem to have gone more than twelve hours without even feeling sick and just had some porridge...I think everyone here will know just how much I hate this - to think that being sick all over a co-op till when I was 8 could cause so many problems over 20 years later...madness


Good news

I think we can say panic over now ;-)

Its not caused a problem , the potato has had no effect :-/

I no what you are saying though , things from been young , just get in the brain somehow & cause problems as we get older



Whenever I eat something which tastes odd my health anxiety immediately thinks there something wrong with my mouth and I have some rare and weird illness making normal foods taste bitter or off!

What are we like! :-)


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