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Anyone else want to kill people when they say 'you just don't seem the type' ahhhhhh!

Don't you just hate it when people find out you have anxiety or the like and they say 'ooh you just never seemed the type'?

Just what is this mystical 'type' ha ha. When you are born and the mother asks what is it? are the choices a boy, a girl or an anxiety sufferer ha ha.

Sooo frustrating isn't it and sort of shows the underlying prejudice against people with mental health problems.

You have to feel sad for them really. To be so small minded is worse than having what we have.

End of rant. X

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The other thing that people say is what have you got to be anxious about, if I knew that I wouldn't be anxious. If only we could make them understand what we go through it would make life a lot easier.

take care Kenny


Ya right there kenny. That's my Mams favourite line. X


I get that, 'how can you stand up and talk to a room full of people and you appear so confident'! I always say I'm a good actress!


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Me too. I'm a health inspector and go to court but its all an act. We get good at, it but sometimes it gets the better of the act. X


I don't really tell that many of my problems unless I know them well enough, but people who I have had to speak about it with have told me, I 'hide it well'. I kind of take it as a compliment, because I try so hard to hide it.

Totally see your point though, what 'type' of person as we exactly??

Hope you are well xx


Yeah your right. Unfortunately I am off work at the minute and people are asking why so have had no choice but to say. X


Afternoon all,

Interesting question, has anyone seen a correlation in the answers?

We all have the same problems to differing degrees. Yet we all deal with it in the same way.

We all hide it by an act or behind a mask. I've had my problem since childhood, always the difficult one never really getting on in my own peer group, obsessed with one thing at a time

I know part of mine is humour and writing, but I wouldn't class myself as creative. Like all things some people understand it and laugh don't, then yes you guessed it I become anxious.

Anyway enough of this. Back to trying to cope with the day and being positive.




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