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Nearly time for back to work

Back to work on Thursday. I am feeling pretty good but I can't help doing the what if.... My 'what if' seems to be what if I end up back to the start again. I know I am kinda making it a self fulfilling prophecy. How can I be so scared of something I've loved for 17 years?!

It's the pure fear of anxiety. Last bad patch was really bad and I can't shake the fear of going back there. I'm trying to focus on the fact I am making huge moves in counselling towards sorting my past which is the underlying cause of my anxiety ( I think).

The doctor offered me another sick note but I don't want to just stand still. I want sooo much to move forward. As the quote goes 'anxiety is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you very far'.

Any tips for dealing with the embarrassment of going back when people are judging you?

That turned into war and peace ha ha. Anyway any working with anxiety tips welcome. X

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Well done to reach the stage you have and be going back to work.

How many times do we say or here someone say...after being back in work for an hour or half a day it feels like they've/we've never been away :) it will be the same I'm sure for you. Your bound to feel anxious, I used to feel like that going back to work after taking leave.

You have done so well to have the determination you have and to have done so well in counselling. Be proud of yourself you've achieved a lot. :)

Will think of you on Thursday let us know how you get on.

Sue xx


Thanks sue.

I need to just enjoy my last couple of days of peace and stop worrying about it. Like you say it will be like I've never been away.

Time off sort of gives me a bubble to live in for a while but long term it's not the answer. Ultimately I need to get back out there and interact fully with the world. X


Yes that's the right attitude...relax enjoy the next couple of days as much as you can. By the end of the week it will all be like you've never been away :) I admire you, you know what you want and need and that's fab!! Get back interacting and I'm sure you will be fine....

Wish you well xxx


Take each moment as it comes. I felt the same way last week after having to take a few days off because of my anxiety and depression. I use to be the person who never called in sick and now this is taking it's toll. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I got ready for a job that I have loved for the past 11 years. But once I got out that door and began to be productive at work, I felt great and like myself again.

Try not to worry about people judging you. At the end of the day your own judgement is the only one that matters. I know for me I can be my own worst critic and I'm trying to also become my biggest cheerleader. As others have said be proud of yourself and your steps to move forward.

Good luck!


Thanks Petita. Onwards and upwards. X


hi, you have a great attitude, onwards and upwards is spot on, there is no embarrassment going back to work, am sure your true friends will never judge you anyway, enjoy your days off, all the best jasper. xx



I am currently on a phased return after 6 months off work, I too was worried what people would think and say when I returned to work. I was off due to work stress and also because my dad was diagnosed and died of cancer last year, so it was really difficult going back and worrying what people might think or say. I decided it was none of anyone's business and when they ask how I am I just say I'm getting there or it's not easy. Luckily no one has asked me why I was off, I think most people probably know but I am still worried this might happen. My advise would be to take one day at a time for a start, I still can only really think day to day, week to week. My work have been really supportive since I returned to work and have given me a project to do rather than my job which has been really helpful, it still worries me what'll happen when I have to do my full time job again, but I'm trying not to think about that yet.

Sorry have probably been no help at all, but just wanted to let you know that I know how you're feeling about returning to work. From my experience it hasn't been as bad as I expected, i.e. no meltdown in the toilets yet!

Jules x


Well done getting to the stage where you feel well enough to go back to work this is a big step. It is natural to feel nervous and that others will be judging you but I'm sure you will find that they are just glad to have you back. Even if it feels hard try and go in with a smile on yourt face because I feel this can make all the difference. You don't have to be supper chatty but a smile just says, 'hello'. ALITTLE RESCUE REMEDY may help or deep breathing.

Until Thursday try and keep yourself busy so that the anxiety can't get too much of a hold. Also if you can afford it perhaps a new whatever to wear on your first day will help you to feel good about yourself. You could also go shopping for treats to have during the day and maybe a special one for the end of the day and at the end of the week well you decide...

Good luck



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