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No News is... Well a Pain Actually!

Good Afternoon All,

Been in and out of the site most of the weekend, replied to one or two posts but mind really been on other things and concentration levels not been at their best.

However list written and ready to go. Mood very positive at the moment, continuing with my 'Run Through the Jungle' later with a trip to the benefits office taking all the information they require for my claim.

Bravely made a call to arrange for some counseling, but then discovered I'm embroiled in a budget row, due to a split in the local NHS group, evidently I live the wrong side of the river or tracks depends which bridge you use, but that hasn't got me down, yet.

Still no reply from my employer, so I'm going to take this as another positive, a bit of a strange one I know, but it will give me an opportunity to find a quieter past time where I can start to live again in my own world. May just have to wait and see on that one.

Too all those who are asking about sertraline, I know Bramble and Kaz were, it now seems to have settled down. Having more good days than bad and also managing to get a full nights sleep 3 out of 4, it must take up to 6 weeks to kick in, maybe even longer.

Hopefully all these positives will continue, for the rest of today at least, maybe even into tomorrow.



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Yes that all sounds very positive :)

Good luck at the job center & good for you going armed with all the info you can

Dont let them over power you & keep reminding them you are not well , they sometimes like to try & over look that one





Hi Why Why,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I bet you are the same, OCD girl!

There is a folder for every place I've lived. Utility bills, Council Tax Demands, Leases you name it I have it dated and filed.

I am really hoping that this time the cycle is going to be short lived (10 weeks so far), whether it is the medication or being able to communicate on this site, that has made me start to feel more positive.

I know that's not a comfort to those who are suffering badly at the moment and please believe me I have done for a long time and have been there many, many times in my life and I do feel for you all, but I think this it does show that there is a way forward.




OCD girl :D

Yes that's me :)

And as the saying goes "I have a place for everything and everything has a place " :-/

Really pleased things are looking up for you :)



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