Experiences with propranolol 10mg

Hey there I suffer from anxiety which is mostly because I have a fear of vomit not really anyone else just me being or getting sick. Anyway I had CBT which helped massively however I've been stressed recently and I feel ive taken a small step back, I have met a new man after so long out of the dating scene and I was due to see him yesterday and I got so nervous I could feel my heart race I ended up telling a white lie to get out after which I kicked myself after :/ my dr has given me these pills to take and I never have taken a pill I always new I would get past it with pure willpower to which I succeeded somewhat but now going into the dating scene its new to me so quite nervous I just need to slow down a little and was wondering what your experience was with these pills, how long do they take to work and what if any side effects did you get? I'm extremely tempted to take them for a boost and I've read good things about IT so far. I'm 27 don't smoke and very rarely drink if at all. Thanks in advance and hope all is well :)


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  • I take Propranolol for stage fright, and it's brilliant. Take it at least 30 minutes before your event. You'll be surprised at how calm you can be. It keeps your heart rate from going crazy, which controls all the other physical reactions to being nervous. I've never experienced any side effects.

  • Hi thank you for replying im just wondering do you take these with food or not? I don't read leaflets they make ME nervous .. :)

  • Mostly without food, doesn't matter either way.

  • I was given propanalol 40 mg daily for anxiety, which seems to work within the hour. I just take it if I feel really anxious now, but never exceed one a day

  • Hi thank you for replying im just wondering do u take these with food .. I don't read leaflets they make Me scared? :)

  • no, you can take with or without food, good luck x

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