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Routine ? Gym a drive out in the car a walk some prep work for our summer school some relaxation and a bit of shopping few

But I did not sleep well again last night and hope by being active I might tonight and does anyone practice mediation ? I've been using aps and want to start doing it with out apps also what kind of mediation works for you is there a good website to explain how to, or do you think muscle relaxation is better or both I have read that its better to get a routine in your life so you can achieve balance and finally does anyone practice relaxation or Mediation just before bed or muscle relaxation or is better done in the day thanks bigguy

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Hi, I've been told many times to practice relaxation. I have never had time? Or been able to relax enough!

This time though, I have managed to get into a routine I do a quick relaxation routine when I get into bed it runs for 7mins. I've been doing this for about a month and I would say it does help. I am meant to do it morning and night, haven't managed mornings yet.

I was told to practice the quick relaxation first to get used to it then move onto the the longer relaxation.

Have a good day I hope it goes ok and you get everything done x


Ok thanks I've been trying hypno apps and relaxation apps they seem to all do the trick and I think as from tomrow I'm going to try 2 times a day lets see how we feel in a month along with my exercise program's


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