I found a miracle, try this out!!

I found a miracle, try this out!!

Hello love's, yesterday i was at a store called WHOLE FOODS.. It's an all organic food store that also has herbs & organic medicines..

My mum has been telling me to get some organic calming tea so that's just what i did..

I bought it, and was skeptical because i drank one cup & i didn't feel better (coz i was feeling not too well) but 15 mins later, i was relaxed & happy & feelin' a lot better!

This tea has Valerian in it, which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, promotes relaxation in individuals leading a hectic lifestyle.

Maybe you guys should try it out? It helps you sleep too :)

Have a good day guys :)

-Vic xoxoxo


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  • Dear Vic,

    I am a little bit worried about trying it as it looks like it is for bears.

    (I am sorry, just a joke)

    a hug,

    Marcus xxx

  • Dear Vic,

    I am sorry about my joke. It is lovely to see that your Mum is helping you.

    lots of hugs,

    Marcus xxx

  • It's fine haha :)

    Made me giggle

  • Hi Vic.

    Does it mix with anxiety meds, if so I will have to find a source over here.

    Kenny xx

  • Ken,

    If you go into morrisons they have a tea by pukka (brand name) it's in a grey box and it's called sleep. It's usually on the top shelf. I use it and find no problems with it.

    Hugs xx

  • Thanks Yummi I've just had a look on amazon and you can get it there as well but Morrisons is nearer lol

  • Hi Vic it appears that the wellness tea is not available in the UK unless it is sold under licence by another company

  • Try it out. Tell me if it helps! :)


    -vic xoxo

  • Will have a look when we go shopping tomorrow will let you know how I get on. :)

  • Passiflora without Valerian added would be better, valerian can cause heart fluctuations,,Passiflora (Passionflower) comes out in glorious flowerheads in Summer, if you place one flowerhead in a mug of warm/hot water and sip it, you should get a really good nights sleep and it will certainly relax you in the day without any side effects, its difficult to obtain it in dried form on its own though,

  • I dont have a fluctuating heart.. Yet. Lol so far i don't

  • I am going to have to give the tea a miss as I do suffer heart problems

  • Well it *can* cause heart fluctuations.. Not it will.

  • Unfortunately I have previously suffered stress related heart failure so I can't take the chance, once bitten and all that.

  • Yah i dont blame u

  • I will try this I have just seen it on Amazon. Is it ok to take with Mirtzazapine, should I ask my doctor?

  • I took camomile tea,and it made me feel weird,so I would be wary of this tea..but then i'm weird anyway,can take nothing,without side effects,not even vitamin d,or a supplement,I am a lost cause...love to all..xxxxx

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