Ronnie dog

Ronnie dog

Thought I'd add my own addition to pets corner this is Ronnie (Ning Nongs don't ask). He is a Jack Russell Staff cross and he's a bit of a nut job. I'm sure he thinks he's a cat seeing as he spends most of his time on the back of the chair like this or on the window seal. Been trying to get a picture of him smiling which is funny, but he's camera shy lol. If I get one I'll upload it.

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20 Replies

  • He's lovely!

  • He is. He's a bundle of energy there's no rest in him lol. He's got the hump at the mo because my niece his playmate is on holiday lol.

  • He's a handsome lad :)

  • Thanks LM

  • He,smart

  • Oh, he's lovely, Will :)

  • He is a cutie Will, My cat Buster thinks hes a dog lol, I understand the name thing lol, my cats have loads xxx

  • Thank cookie not sure where that nickname come from lol

  • Cute doggy , hope you wipe its bottom before & after he sits on that sofa :-/

  • Of course we do. Thinking of buying him some doggy pants to cut out the middle man :-p

  • Lol, I was thinking the same, Cat nappies Cappies lol xxx

  • Well to be honest if it was me I would have some wipes for their little paws for when they had been out & trotted back in & I would have nappies , i would just cut a little hole in the back so they could still wag their tails , but honestly I could see me doing that :-/

  • Lol, I bought my cat some booties so she wouldnt scratch her stitches. it was hilarious, she couldnt walk in them lol. xxx

  • Well this is the reason , you wouldnt be able to give me a pet , I would be dressing it up & I have seen you can get little shoes & stuff & that would be me , so think I am best just looking & sticking with my dream of Will-i-am :-/


  • Hello, im a good boy called Ronnie

    and all of you say i am bonny

    Im Wills loving pet

    although i have yet

    to learn how to write poems lol xxx

    He is adorable Will. xxx

  • :o did Ronnie really write that :o

    Will BGT next year , or second thoughts , can Ronnie sing , could go on the voice with him yea :-/

  • Nope no singing he dances though

  • Could you try & teach him then maybe :o I have seen singing dogs , I bet Ronnie has a tune in him , it just needs bringing out :-/

  • Made me smile cookie. Cheers needed that today.

  • See Cookie your efforts have made Will smile :) mine well , no use what so ever " Unbelievable " :o


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