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This morning was a great day...felt so much like my old self and enjoyed being at work for the first time in ages.

Everything was going well until I had a craving for a Twix about I went to the vending machine and went back I my desk.....within 10 minutes I started getting heart palps and they haven't stopped since..I'm lying in bed crying my eyes out, as I'm not speaking to my OH, my mums shouting at me about not picking up a towel and my heart is jumping all over the place and I feel full of adrenaline. I don't know why I'm so's not like this hasn't happened before.



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Thinking of you. Maybe a cry will do you good. maybe it will release some tension xxxx


Thanks Rose

Think it's maybe because it wasn't like I felt just okay...I felt back to how I used to bad thoughts...then a few flutters and my whole world has come crashing down again. The higher you feel the worse the fall



youll get your old self back again :) xxx


youll get your old self back again :) xxx


Hopefully!!!! :-)



Hi Ashley, can you remember what I said about the palpitations last night, also do your breathing, to calm down, I had this again today as most days, do you best to distract your thoughts from it, or put earphones on with music.




Hi Bonnie

Yep I remember for sure :-)

It's just it all goes out the window when it's happening lol.

I think a good rant on here sometimes helps me.





Sometimes crying is a form of release & after we can feel better

You have been trying to deal with this fear so long now , it sounds like tonight it has all built up

Keep hold of the thought that you will be having that heart monitor on & I no I am saying the same as I always do , but when it comes back clear , you will be able to start to let go of this

I do no how you feel , my first anxiety I started with focused on my heart & i had flutters , pains & going down my arms & its an awful fear





Thank whywhy

That was a really tight hug!!!!! Have you been working out lol ;-)

I'm so glad you understand and telling me how you've had it all before makes me feel better...I think sometimes I start to think I'm losing my mind a little..I don't know if that's what scares me more.



O yes , just finished doing my press ups as I saw your post :D

Seriously though it was my fear , my Dad had a by pass when he was only 49 & as a young child , I think something lodged in my brain & it played on it

Then as I was getting older & I had always been anxious & especially when I had my first daughter , there it was telling me everyday it was going to happen to me

Then you didnt have to make an appointment at the GP , you would go & get a ticket , bit like the cheese counter in Tesco & wait your turn , well I was there morning & night , went on for years it did , till finally the message got through , but dont do what I did & move on to something else when they give you the all clear :o

Also , my GP told me , that us females , well cant remember which hormone it is , but we have one that protects us more than men from having heart attacks , so there thats an advantage for us ;)

Right of to do some push ups now phew , move over Kate Moss

whywhy is on here way :D


Curly ones cos they are speacial ;)


Oh whywhy you are a card :d

Anxiety is a terrible thing isn't it Ashley? I find it interesting that it came on after you had chocolate. Is there a link do you think? Hoping you feel better soon.

Bev x


You ok Bev

I have told a lie , saying I was of to do push ups , I am on sit ups , I am sitting straight up in my chair , its hard work you no ;)



Hey Bev

Yeah it's horrible so it is...I'm just getting so fed up with it. I'm not a naturally depressed person but it's really sucking the life right out me :-(

I'm actual not a chocolate fan...I just had this craving for chocolate randomly and the only choco I can eat are twix's. I just think it was too much of a coinencedence.



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