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Not my day at all

Haven't had 5 mins to myself today. I'm not an happy bunny today at all. I'm peed off tbh. For one my mate's been up stairs in bed still is now and her daughter just won't leave me alone or shut up.also my youngest is playing up and there arguing constantly. Then the dogs won't shut up barking, it's raining so can't wash bedsheets as OH put dryer in cupboard and I can't move it. Also I've cleaned downstairs and it's a mess again and I can't stand it. I just want my nice quiet germ free house back. My mate's daughter got cough and cold and keeps coughing over everything and I'm fed up of saying put ur hand to ur mouth. Then now the app I've got on my fone as gone off saying I'm late on which I didn't realise. So to is just not my day at all. Xxx

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I feel your pain I really do , you no we are very simular with all this & I no exactly how you are feeling

I am here as well , feeling just like you do , wanting my clean free germ house back & instead , I have been banished to the room again , listening to them wiring a light fitting up , going does blue go there or is it brown , my heart going thinking am I going to blow up in a minute , do they no what they are doing :o

Cant get to my washer , like you its bedding day & I am trying to sneak in there & its causing trouble

Then thing now are getting plied up in my room for some reason , so thats starting to look a mess & they are trailing things through when they keep walking through

Then the blind I ordered isnt the right size so that has to go back , along with some flowers as I ordered to many (another story )

Not to forget I am still getting over the shock of Sunny Jim thinking it was ok to wash his flipping paint brushes in the bathroom & I no this is going on for another couple of days :o

I could scream & cry just like you feel :o

And to think , they were putting new kitchens in round here & someone said to me , are you sure you couldnt manage it & I said no , well I really no I couldnt , I cant cope with my own just painting , never mind a load of workmen ripping my house to bits

Gosh I have gone on here , not much help I no , but at least you are not on your own if thats any help

Hope we both get our homes back soon & we can get them back to been germ free , kid free & man free the way I am feeling as well , would do ;)





We r definitely feeling the same today Im going to my room untill tomorrow evening wen they go. Then I will be cleaning all Thursday starting upstairs and then I will feel so much better. Xxx


I am looking forward to Friday , will clear them all of & get my house back , thats if I last till Friday , my anxiety is going through the roof here :o

Good plan though Donna , hope you can stay calm



I'm feeling anxious now but Saturday nite we can both relax as both our houses will hopefully be back to normall hopefully and we can relax. Roll on the wkend lol xxx


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