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to the people who are suffering from anxiety and massive panic disorder , i have to say that no matter what happens twitches, dizziness, breathing problems, sleep problems , exploding head syndrome, or whatever anxiety is playing with you .. it will go away . it does go away withing months .. i had all of them lol they are almost gone now . i do get twitches now and then i use to get faling sensation when abt to sleep that use to keep me up all night long .. but i did took a beta blocker that fixed me . but medicine or no medicine all of the stuff is happening to you right now will go away eventually :) .. just stay brave . let it happen and it complete its course..


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  • Mine isn't going away. Six months of hell. What steps or thoughts or programs helped you? I am so sick of this.

  • Change in diet can be a huge game changer :)

  • Try meditation natural rememdies exercise for sure and change of diet.

  • This is comforting thank you

  • What diet helps?

  • Do not over eat , drink fluids . Do not et hard stuff that is hard to digest . Keep a fix timing for dinner and breakfast . Say no to fast food . Do not smoke . Do a walk had n hour every day . :)

  • I am struggling right now. I was on zoloft for almost 18 years and stopped it back in may Because I was feeling good. I have social anxiety and PMS imduced anxiety so it's usually not all the time. Went to my Dr last week.. he put me back on the med. Took 2 days and woke up the morning after the first dose I a complete state of anxiousness. It's now 3 days after the first piall and it's a steady 224-7 bad anxious state of mind. Not to mention I started my period friday.. double whammy. Feeling helpless and just wanna crawl in bed until it passes. Hoping once the med out of my system and the PMS stops I get back to my normal self!!!

  • make sure you when leaving medicine you do the tapering thingy .. you will be fine . i am glad that you are trying to get off the medicines . medicines are good for a small time .. long term use can get you addicted to them . ask your doctor about the med called inderal . if it is available in your area . make sure to ask doctor about everything before you try it . :)

  • I have had mine on and off for 30yrs, it just doesnt go away completely with everyone!

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