Need help and advice on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks please :-((

I have suffered around 10yrs. At the moment my anxiety and attacks are bad. I feel like I'm going insane (Am I actually going insane?). Sertraline has not helped me this time as I had a bad side effect and I'm too frightened to take it. Am I going to be like this forever? Please any info greatly appreciated. Feeling alone.


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  • Hello loo loo

    And Welcome

    No you are not going insane , we have all / do feel as you do

    Its very frightening as well when its happening & you do think will this ever end

    Well it will it takes time , but you will get better again

    I no you say the meds havnt worked & what suites one doesnt suite another

    If I were you I would go back & see my GP , if you have already , then go back again & tell them you are getting awful side effects , there are others they can try you on that might suite you better

    Also maybe ask about counselling , this can help , they dont always offer it unless you ask

    Keep coming on here & talking , everyone understands & you are not on your own , believe me




  • Thank you whywhy. I am going back to the GP this week, I really do think I need to speak to someone to get more understanding. At the moment I am feeling constantly anxious & then at bedtime my head starts racing, I get bad thoughts and it just spirals. Eventually when I do get to sleep I have disturbed sleep and nightmares. I need to know this is normal anxiety and not that I'm losing my mind you know? Thank you so much for your reply. I think I need to speak to people who are in a similar position as I've never done it before. xx

  • You explain exactly how this is , so I no i have anxiety & not loosing my mind & I do & have felt just like you , so no you are not loosing yours

    I think alot of us struggle at night time , its hard during the day , but at night , its quite , less busy , so we are left with all these feelings & thoughts & nothing to distract us

    Then of course everything that has been going of in our brains all day , does come out in nightmares

    Hopefully , once you have seen your GP & they say you are suffering with anxiety , which will not make it go away , but hopefully give you peace of mind ,you can then start to slowly accept this & as we do & it becomes less of a fear , we learn to deal with it

    We have or are all in your position , look around at the posts if you can , you will see so many of us all the same , which I hope helps

    Keep coming on & talking & let us no how you go on at the docs


  • Thanks hun. I've not been on a site like this before so I don't quite know how it works. I think it's time I start speaking about it more as I have kept it to myself for so long! I'm so glad I can speak to people who will understand what I am going through, the same as many others. Thanks again xx

  • I hadnt either till I joined 8 months ago & if it helps even people that have been on here a bit are finding their feet as this is a new forum we are on & its all new for us all finding are way about

    Dont worry , you cant make any mistakes , someone will always find you & you will soon get used to things

    Give me a shout if you need me , I will help the best I can , but you will see you will soon start talking to everyone ;)


  • Thanks whywhy! Means a lot! It will be good to know other people's personal stories too, open a few doors and hopefully make some friendships. I have a family and have support if I need it, but none of them can understand how I feel because none of them have experienced it and it's so hard to explain, without sounding like a crazy person lol xx

  • Your not crazy :-/

    But unless you have experienced this , it is hard to understand as its from the inside these feelings & no one can feel them but us

    Well you have made one friend here already ;) & weekends can be quite , but I am sure as more people come on , everyone is so helpful , more will start chatting


  • Thanks hun. And same to you if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here :-)

  • A big welcome and as Whywhy says you are not losing it,my mind starts its whirling in the early morning ,opposite of yours ,and continues all day,I have to get up as the thoughts and worries get worse,I try to hid it,but only today my partner asked why I worried about things before they happen,I have tried to tell him how bad it is but he does not understand,So you are not alone and you will get support here. You also will met some lovely people.y

  • Hi Lindalo. Thanks for your reply :-) yes my partner also struggles to understand my problems, as much as he wants to! How do you cope with your feelings hun? I struggle massively to take my mind off things! ! Can't control it at all. I wake up mid panic attack sometimes too. X

  • I don't take meds,scared of them and don't want to go down that road,I have a dog and like it best when taking him a good run,play in the park,it takes my mind of it but not completely,also reading,don't know if you are the same but I can be ok,thoughts clear and,WHAM,it's like a electric jolt that goes through my head and off my mind goes again,it,s mainly stupid unbelievable worries but thoughts as well.

  • I was on meds for a few years, past 4yrs I've not had any. Lately I've felt the need to go back to them and I had a bad experience so am now too frightened (even though I've been on the same before). I also have that problem, could be sitting down playing with my children and it comes over me. Then guilt sets in as I feel I can't be the parent I want to be. It's so draining don't you think.

  • Very draining,I often wonder why it is some people suffer like this and some are so laid back .I am going to give my self a bit longer,then consider asking for meds as it is making my life such a misery,feel I can't move on.

  • Bless you. Do what you feel is right. I fight it for so long and it gets to a point where I feel I can't do it on my own.

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