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Latest worry - omega 3 fish oil supplement - prostate cancer links

I've taken a Multi-vitamin and omega 3 fish oil supplement for years since I used to be a body builder and do heavy weight training, as it's supposed to be good for the body in all kinds of ways - heart, BP, digestion etc etc. Google it and you'll see.

Now new research has linked omega 3 fish oil to a massive increase in prostate cancer. Half the web says it's unfounded rubbish but others say it's true.

Having health anxiety I'm now worried that I'm increasing my risk of prostate cancer by continuing to take the supplement. Should I stop or keep on as the opinions are so divided.

Anyone have any opinions?

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Have you been googling again :o

Thought you had joined the non googling ban :o

Well I no I have health anxiety , so the sensible side says take them, I no loads that do & my Grandma did & she lived to be 91 !

I no its not easy , but all this stuff they write today doing research & so on , if we listened to it all , we would never eat , move or do anything

There are lots of good as well in fish oil , but bet you are like me & missed that bit ;)




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Health anxiety. I take omega fish oil that's is suppose to help with anxiety so what do you believe as you say something differed every day.


Hello whywhy,

Actually it was on the news (BBC online) and I just Googled afterwards to see comments on other reputable sites.

Honest, I haven't Googled an illness today - I'm trying to be resolute! :-)

My thought is that the good outweighs the possible harm regarding omega 3, but, as you know, having health anxiety makes any suggestion of illness or an increased risk of an illness pretty scary stuff.

Everyone used to give their kids cod liver oil, and I had it when little, so it does seem weird that suddenly it's bad for you.

Who knows.

Hope you're okay.


Every day they come up with something different

I am suppose to take statins , still not on them for the same reasons

One minute I read you should , then I see all the negatives how they have made people ill , I cant face taking them , I keep trying & as soon as I swallow one , i am of on one :o

Its a mess all this isnt it :o

GP gets annoyed with me as well , as they struggle to get me to take anything , that doesnt help either

Half the things they say take , i do think do you take them ?

I no cod liver oil is suppose to be good for you , it will be something else next week , they just keep going with all this



They will stop you breathing soon. You are only supposes to drink 2 pints of beer a year, not too much meat, don't smoke. Made me wonder how are grandparents survived. Take no notice , it will be something else next week


Ps I have short term memory loss so I can't remember when I drank my 2 pints of beer, well that's my excuse


hi bramwell, got a shock when I saw that one on the tele, have been taking fish oil supps for over 20 years now since it was in liquid form , have done marathons, half marathons , football the lot, no way am I going to change now , if you stopped everything that you read or hear on the box we would all be like robots, looking at all the evidence I still think it does more good than bad. but its up to the individual to make their own mind up .


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