Are we sufferers normal?

Don't be put off by the title what I'm saying is look at pop culture. Mel Gibson, Kanye West, Mariah Carry, Dave Chapelle Amanda Bynes etc. I could go on forever. So many people have mental struggles that it's almost weird if they aren't having issues. We live in an artificial world that's pretty much goes against our evolutionary nature. (Or god however you view things it the same thing) Given the circumstances we're quite normal in my opinion.


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  • its very hard to act normal around people, when you know others don't feel that way, but you don't want to be found out. I am 50ish and have struggled my whole life, literally scared of people but have to deal with them. They all end up hating you, act like a sheep the wolfs will come. Its a very lonely life, the fact that your not a part of it is all right, but the fact that everyone else is. Your afraid to go to that party than depressed because you did'nt. Its not hormones its not what anybody did, its a shyness built in, and there is no cure. It feels better to be depressed in my room, that panic at office party. pick your battles!

  • I've been on both sides as my anxiety has come and gone over the years in waves. I've been bed ridden with fear and care free in Vegas. It sucks being that afraid and I empathize.

  • Same here, and it is awful. But I always have that bit of hope I will be the care free happy me again. ☺

  • is there anything you do to make anxiety go or just the waves in life. looking for a natural cure without drugs

  • Well I used the natural remedy(exercise, proper diet, counseling, church, meditation, supplements, teas, etc.) for yearsssss, but it kept coming back full swing years apart, finally had to get on meds. I do not like that I need meds, but was worse off trying to manage it without.

  • Good advice. Anxiety for many of us is chronic and needs daily maintenance. I'll do the right things for awhile sometimes a long while but I'm human and inevitably get lazy when I feel better and it comes back.

  • All I know is whether we are normal or not...we matter. 😊

  • Has anyone had a pacemaker fitted & did it improve health ?

  • I struggle with this life. It is a constant battle against the devil

  • This made me smile. I get your point.

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