I tried everything

The blind man didn't come! I feel really annoyed with myself as usual, although suddenly I have relaxed.

When I say didn't come he got to the door and I blagged my way out of it!

I did my thought record, my relaxation, my distraction, talking to my son (who informed me that he is 9 and how would he know!).

So I now have to go through it all again! Why oh why do I do this to myself!

I've not had any lunch because he was coming, so now I am starving.

It was like a countdown to something dreadful happening. It was awful and I am utterly fed up of it all.

Sorry there was no positive in this at all



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  • Hi Winter,

    Try and get something to eat now you know he's not coming back today, a little bit of soup or sandwich.

    Lets think about what positive you did do, he was booked in, you had a date and time and he came you got that far that's the first step. The first initial step of booking and knowing its going to happen is the hardest. Next step you will be able to go that bit further as you would of done the rest before. Maybe keep practising your relaxation when you are calm and you know he's not coming so when you start feeling worried it will be easier as you would have practised it lots.

    Hope you manage to eat something xx

  • Hi Unsure, I've managed to eat a sandwich, I've also had a cake aswell! Just about to have my 3rd cuppa ( decaf tea). I feel shattered xxx

  • winter there is another positive there in your post, you had the booking and the time, but you went to the door and spoke to the person for enough time to get rid of him, can you see this.



  • Hi Bonnie, I never thought that was a positive, I just felt really guilty about cancelling. Quite annoyed at myself aswell, it would be done now if I'd have let him in.


  • Winter I think it is. you could have just let him knock until he got fed up and went away, but you didn't you went to the door and spoke to him , even if it was to get rid of him. Its a step closer.




  • Winter

    O dear me , never mind , it was a step nearer , you made it to the door my love

    Can you not arrange this to happen when your hubby is in or a friend or family member maybe ?

    Dont feel bad & it IS a positive , because you have tried & done your best & we can only do our best no matter how big or small it is

    So pop on to the positive blog & let them no how hard you have tried this week :)




  • Thanks Whywhy. I've done my positives I don't think they are brill xxxx

  • Ive just read them & I think they are :)

    Wish you had took a pic of your cakes , would have loved to have seen them , maybe next time :-/


  • I have taken pictures and I've been trying to put it on here but I keep getting told the file is too big x

  • You need to make it smaller , doesnt it say crop & save , I get son to do mine :-(


  • I'll have a go x

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