So after my 4th of palpitations I decided enough was enough and went straight up to A&E from work last night...they gave me the works...ECG...Blood..X-Ray...they were going to keep me in over night but said they couldn't see anything the matter..they would arrange for my doctor to have me on a moniter for a few days.

I suppose it reassured me for the most part but I'm still palpy today...they didnt even offer any explanation just said everything looks okay and sent me on my way.



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  • O Ashley love , I did think where had you gone last night , as its unusual for you not to come on :o

    Listen they didnt say anything , because they couldnt find anything , & if there had been the slightest thing they thought was wrong , they would have insisted you stayed

    Now in a way , I think this 24 hour monitor will be a good thing , as once you have had that on & i am sure it will be all OK , you can have peace of mind

    My hubby had one on , he wasnt bothered at all , it was me that kept going "o i dont like it " :D

    He has a double heart beat , or did have , he says its because of me :D

    Anyway nothing was wrong other than that & they said it wouldnt kill him & sports people have this problem regular , it was common

    He didnt have to take anything as his heart was healthy , but if he wanted he could have Beta Blockers to get it to beat once instead of twice

    So he was getting fed up with the double beat , he doesnt have anxiety , so just takes them without a second thought & he is fine , well as fine as you can be , because he lives with me ;)

    I dont even think you have this to worry about , was just saying to try & keep you calm

    Hope you have a better day hun & if you go for a drink later , just the two :D




  • Hey whywhy

    Sorry it's took me so long to reply.

    I've managed to remain quite calm and peaceful most of the day but within the last hour or so it's all went to crap again.

    I know there's most likely nothing wrong, ironically I didn't have one single palp while I was in the hospital..typical :-) xxx

  • Ashley

    You no why that was because you felt safe :)

    I will be glad when they give you the all clear , because I no they will


  • I had that when I went in emergency only first time they just have me beta blockers I got the bloods ECG and x-ray few days after. Had the monitor all ok, what meds u on.

  • I don't take any meds, I tried Citralopram but it made me 100000% worse. So I'm suffering this au natural lol


  • When u was in citalopram it sent my heart palpitations and anxiety through the roof which is why I can off it stayed on propranolol but changed to streamline this morning as propranolol wasn't doing much

  • O Ashley, I did this, in the beginning I was at a&e a lot for the same thing, they did all the tests and each time all normal, in fact they said I have a very strong heart , once you have had the machine maybe it will give you that peace of mind, that nothing is wrong with your heart, and that they cant hurt you. I have these regular, as soon as I get up in the morning and during the day, the best thing to do is try not to sing with them, and they will stop.




  • Hi Bonnie

    It's helpful to know other people experience them as well..to be honest I do see a pattern emerging, I always get them worse just before my things are due. Does that happen with you?


  • No Ashley, I don't get the painter in anymore. lol. and no I am not old, they stopped coming when I was 48, not long ago. The palps wont hurt you, I no its easy to say but they really wont, if you can stay calm and make yourself distract , even if you walk, pay them little attention, or concentrate on slowing your breathing , as when we get annoyed with them that is when we are adding a second fear and that makes them go up and go on.




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