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Hey everyone hope your all well,

I'm new on here and could really do with some help, I want to know if it's defo anxiety I'm experiencing

I first felt what I thought was anxiety around 3 months ago after getting really stressed at work... I kept getting rushing feeling in my chest /drop of mood and kept worrying about literally anything 24/7 this went on for around 3 days till the symptoms went and I have felt nothing at all for nearly 3 months I have just had a really stressful week at work again and started getting the uncomfortable feeling again then I have just had 3 horrendous days again feeling terrible then again the symptoms have died down and I feel totally normal again.. My question is this normal for anxiety as I am getting no info whatsoever from my doctors. Thanks to anyone that replies I really need the help as it's a pretty scary time as I'm sure most of you will share.

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HI Chris and Welcome to the community, we are a friendly bunch always happy to help. Firstly if you have not been diagnosed as having anxiety it really is more worth while to go to your gp and explain how you have been. Not only is it peace of mind as to the problem but it can trigger other things like medication to help or therapy which can be really good in defeating anxiety. Anxiety can indeed be brought on by stress and other emotional turmoil in life, such as loss of job, death etc. It seems maybe yours has been triggered by stress, the feeling you first had would of maybe been caused by the adrenalin rushes and then the mind takes over assumes the worst and before you know it your body has prepared you for danger that is not present. Once you have experienced it, it is easy for your mind to become focused on it and replay it until something comes along and you simply forget to worry for periods of time. Anxiety can come in waves and a lot of people say its like a roller-coaster, there are lots of ups and many downs, getting a good understanding of how the body works is great n anxiety as you can recognise the symptoms x You could ask your gp for some leaflets on this. All you have explained is completely normal in anxiety yes but its always better as I said to be told by your doctor it is that x Hope this helps x DOnver


Hi Chris.

As donver says the first thing you need to do is see your GP. Stress is a major factor with anxiety they go hand in hand,recognising the symptoms early will help you to control your feelings.There are different techniques to help you stay calm and some useful websites one being headspace.I hope that you get the answers you need.



Thanks for the reply :) I have rang the docs and have an app on Thursday, it is very confusing to me and to be honest scary to think I will have to put up with going through this again, it is defo adrenalin like you say but seems to be different like yesterday I couldn't control how I felt and was all over the place but today feel totally in control and quite relaxed plus I sleep great as well at night


hi chris, I think this is probably caused through stress at work, anxiety builds up to a peak then back down again, a bit like a wave, as donver has said its the build up of adrenalin in your body, hope your feeling a little better. jasper xx


Thanks so much for all your comments it really will help me to understand what's happening to me, just 1 more question what are peoples opinions on anti depressants/drugs to help them with anxiety, I don't really want to go down that route yet as I want to try and deal with it within myself but just wanted to know if people had any good results with them.



Hey, I've been having a bad time with anxiety for the last 8 months, mixed with some real health issues.

I am also quite reluctant on going back on medication, for me it was always the sense that I am giving up control to an external force and mentally I have a difficult time accepting that.

But honestly, the 2 times I was on antidepressants, my quality of life was significantly improved (I took SSRI's - Zoloft is the commercial name of the specific type; I was also on tricyclic antidepressants, but the side effects broke the deal for me with those). The first 2 weeks were more difficult for me, as I always experience some degree of nausea/agitation in the process of adjusting to the meds, but I remember telling myself: I forgot how life without anxiety feels like and here I have it again.

I will also book an appointment with a psychiatrist and I will probably take up meds again. If you have any questions..feel free to ask


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