getting through a birthday party just fine

Hello all.

Been on edge all week - blaming an approaching period - and today I faced a small, but hectic, birthday party for my eldest's 9th...I actually survived it and just want to live like that permently, no annoying thoughts just happy faces. Tomorrow I face my third attempt at going to the doctors for a blood test - I think they're annoyed that I missed the last two attempts, oh well...just need to keep the happy going

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  • Well done , surviving a Birthday party when you havnt got anxiety , can be stressful , especially with a load of energetic 9 year olds , I am really please for you

    Are you frightened of having blood tests

    I am not keen & they always struggle getting blood from me

    Go & do it though , & just look away , its over in a second & then get on here & tell us

    I no you can do it & once you have it will be one less thing for you to worry about

    Good luck




  • The blood test is done and dusted...I wasn't frightened of the blood test, I'm fine with them...It's just the main way my anxiety manifests is through my emitophbia - I just have have to think about the possibility that I might be sick in front of someone and it is a real fight just to get out the least with party I was so busy there was no time to think :)

  • Well done , bet you feel relief now

    Do something nice for you now :)


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