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any body from westmidlands? x

Im having really bad panic attacks at the moment im find it really hard to control them and im exhausted... i just wanna meet people with the same issues to just talk to ... i panic when im on my own ... scared of fainting or panicking and no one being around to help me. It stops me from doing thing that i want to do and I get so tired all the time... Ive had them for 10 years on and off and they are getting worse and have gotten in to a habbit.

I just wanna meet people and just talk to some one about what im experiencing....

Thanks for reading

Gemz x

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Hi Gemz.

I am from the West Mids. I suffer from GAD. Had a few really bad bouts the last few years, I can really understand how you feel. Support for us is not well known. You have to dig hard and deep to find something/someone to really help you and be on a level that is on par with the way you are feeling and symptoms.



Might help to read babybubbies post..........anybody stayed in anx/panic state for days.......My post is how I dealt with it.all the best.xx


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