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ill :(

i been feeling really ill for the past 5 days now,

i been feeling as if my eyes r always rolled back n it feels like im not in my body its really weird to explain!

i feel as if im going to pass out all the time. i was in my local town on thursday and all my body went numb and i couldnt breathe any1 ever experienced that?

i just want to feel normal again and get my life back on track :'(


louise xxx

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Hi Louise

Just thought I would say that lol we have spoken so I wont bore you again

Hope some others will give you more advice as well & put your mind at ease

Keep resting





thanks whywhy :0)

your very supportive



It's sound as if you are having a panic attack and hyperventilating. Trouble is anxiety shows itself in so many different ways. It might be worth having a word with your doctor if it happens again. Look after yourself and good luck


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