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Day out

Continuing with the Prozac,haven't been too well on it,however I accepted a trip out yest,with my daughter to see her new house,sat in her garden .lovely day then got took for a meal nearby,bit anxious but managed,I had Cajun chicken and bacon salad,was very spicy,bit worried as I have reflux and hh,woke up today constantly burping and pain over sternum area all day,iv been taking gaviscon ,and tonite will tke omeprazol,in the hope the discomfort will go away,totally my fault I think,but at least I went out

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Well done louise

I am pleased you went to see your daughters new house & enjoyed it , I went to my daughters not long ago & like you felt a bit anxious but managed it & had a lovely time ,chat & laughter , which helps to keep me going

As well when I read about what you had eaten , I have the same problem with certain foods , I do avoid them , but sometimes it can be so nice that I give in & eat them , but I do it knowing I will have to have some discomfort , but it passes again & I hope yours does to ;-)

You should feel good about what you have done today & I bet your daughter was happy to :-)





Feel better today xxxxx


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