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What's Occuring ?

Hi everyone,

What has happened on here that has made people leave in droves?

We need to re group and reunite, get back to how we used to be. Did someone from admin come in one day with a hangover or what lol. :-)

We are all adults here and yes, not everyone will see eye to eye and will fall out from time to time but that's what happens in the real world, then we either make up or we don't. I understand the need for sites to be monitored, but in moderation.

I enjoy having a laugh and hopefully have put a smile on someone's face on here.

So come on Admin, don't ruin a good thing. We are all old enough to fight our battles and demons without been barred from the playground.

Love to all

Cookie xxx

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Hi Cookie

I suggested maybe setting up a naughty step for time out yesterday!

I don't write much but after reading what has gone on I felt I had to say something, this site is far too important to us plebs to let it go without a fight.

Rob C


LOL. plebs,,,, i havent heard that word for ages lol.

i dont know what happened but we need to move on from it and learn from it but not to the point where we feel we cant have an individual opinion.



Hi...yes agreed,we are adults all trying to conquer Anxiety. Ive been away for a while and i cant believe whats going on.

Common guys lets all pull together we need this site!! ;] xx


well said yummy. xxx


Hey Cookie.....

Good to see ya back, how you both doing?? Ive been keeping a low profile on here as it all went a bit off the wall......



Hiya Anne,,,,,,,,,,,,,

its nice to be back but i am shocked. i dont know what occured but i hope they re think about closing down.

we are fine, my OH is on the mend thanks to my nursing skills lol, she wants to get better so she doesnt have to put up with the bed baths i insist she has lol xxx


Hi Anne,

I took a back seat to.

How's the business, I thought of you the other day on seeing someone wearing a lovely fascinator.

Hope all is well.

We are all big enough, to overcome whatever happened here.

Eunice xx


Hi Eunice

thanks for your message and thoughts....... yeah Im good ta,,, plodding on with the hat business.... and still as mad as a hatter.........I guess Im allowed to say that since I make hats for a living!! lol........

Hows things with you??



Hi Anne,

Things are good for me at the present, I had a lot of face pain, which caused me anxiety, I'm hopeful that it wont return.

I managed to get away to Turkey, albeit, with my family, I was anxious at the thought but I managed it and am proud of myself. It seems like ages ago, it was only in May. xx


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