Are we here or not?

Hi all

It feels to me like we're in the twilight zone, the forgotten few! I awoke this morning expecting to have morphed into a new being, but find we are still Anxiety UK. I'm sure someone somewhere will be correct with their news statement, but in the meantime carry on regardless!

Just what we all need another dose of anxiety.......

Hope everyone has a good day today either here or in NZ or wherever......



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  • Hi Rob

    Yankee has wrote a reply on Rose's blog , we are still here I think :-o

    Same here though I am feeling like we are for gotten & to be honest , I feel a little anxious, as no one seems to be talking:-o

    I do hope & I no some may not feel well , at work , holiday maybe , but would love to see old & new chatting away on here again :-)

    Hope you are ok




  • So it wasn't a dream and we're still here ..... ;) Assuming we will be morphed into the new being today from Yankee's reply on Rose's blog.... The NZ break was fun but time to get back to good old Blighty perhaps!

  • Hi Kaz

    Yes looks like we are still here , unless we are still dreaming :-o

    Remember Dallas when Bobby came back & it was all a dream :-D

    I am not getting updates or even no if someone has replied to a blog , so I no everyone must be the same , but trying where I can to see if any one is there

    Yes I agree , cant wait to see it all back to normal & people talking & supporting & we must try & play nicely I think this time or the school might just close for good :-o


  • Hope we haven't caused the NZ site to go into meltdown... They're probably thinking who ARE these people .... ;).

  • And yes, I remember the Bobby shower scene (shush, we're showing our age here ...)

  • Kaz ,

    I only no , because its been repeated on sky :-D

    Little shocked now , to hear the news it was on years ago , I was only a toddler back then (my nose has just grown ) :-D


  • Me too, I was just very advanced for my age .... Wonder what our thirties will bring for us ... ;)

  • I no , I am really looking forward to better things ..mind you another a couple of years yet so ...:-D


  • I've just been sitting back and waiting for whatever to happen happen and err.............nothing's happened as far as I can see.

    I'm sure it'll all work out in the end, though I'm unsure about moving to NZ.

  • Hi Bramwell

    Nice to see someone else talking

    Yes you have the right idea , sit back & wait

    If you press on communities you can be in NZ in a second & keep coming back & forth , I have been several times today :-D

    Yes I cant wait to see this come right as well

    Hope you are keeping well




  • I see there's also a SA community, perhaps we'll go there for our next break!

  • Hi all - actually it's a bit like sitting in an airport when there are delays, waiting to hear if your flight is delayed 2 hours, 4 hours, 12 hours - or won't be flying at all!!!! :-D Or - maybe we're all stacked up above Heathrow waiting for a landing slot! ;) I'm sure there's feverish activity behind the scenes, but wish they'd sort it and we can settle down with our buckets and spades (not to mention our anxiety!) ;)

    Talking of holidays, finally told one of my sisters off last night, we were having a "reasonable" telephone convo, then she "complained" that her DH had arranged for them to go on a mini-break to France next week - they've just come back from a mini-break in Spain in the last month - and i not only haven't had a holiday in years, but can't get to anywhere atm, no money/transport :-O So I said - Well I can't go anywhere, so do't complain if you can! Oh, no, she said, i don't forget where I came from, Rose, I remember ..... I interrupted her - Well,, I don't forget where I came from (a little council house) cos I've managed to end up back there, and I remember when I had the car and could go to my beloved NT houses, and now i can't and it breaks my heart - so DON'T complain while you can do these things!!!!! :-O God, some people need a sensitivity transplant!!!! :( BUT quite proud of myself that i FINALLY said something!!!!!!

    Rant over - and yes, Why we must all play nicely and share our toys or school will close :'(



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