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Hi everyone,

What has happened on here that has made people leave in droves?

We need to re group and reunite, get back to how we used to be. Did someone from admin come in one day with a hangover or what lol. :-)

We are all adults here and yes, not everyone will see eye to eye and will fall out from time to time but that's what happens in the real world, then we either make up or we don't. I understand the need for sites to be monitored, but in moderation.

I enjoy having a laugh and hopefully have put a smile on someone's face on here.

So come on Admin, don't ruin a good thing. We are all old enough to fight our battles and demons without been barred from the playground.

Love to all

Cookie xxx

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Hi Cookie,

well said. :) I SECOND ALL OF THIS!


wanderingwallflower xx


You tell them Cookie, well done . San xx


Well said.Nice to have a member of the golden oldies back. I wish they would all come back.Trouble is you are not now allowed a sense of humour here.

If you call your own self a nutter and some one complains along comes admin deletes a blog which had been going for nine hours entertained many people and puts poor old Grog in hospital.

Cookster we need you but be careful you must lose your sense of humour or Admin will delete your blog!!!:-)



if i want to call myself a nutter i will coz i can and i am lol. who has the right to say i am not if i say i am. nobody knows me better than me and i refuse to lose my humour for anyone.

its nice to be back and i do miss the old lags lol, is monkey still, about xxxx


Hey cookie I think we had a bad few days brought on by some over reactions from both bloggers and admin. I'm hoping now it's all calmed down we can keep this site going as its been a big help to me and others.

How have you been you still playing nurse?


hiya Will,,,,,,,,

,i do believe i should be re named Florence or flo for short. i believe i handled my nursing duties with great courage although my OH may disagree lol.

how are you doing mate xxx


Cookie nightingale lol

Yeah I'm not to bad had a few shandy weeks, but other than that I'm ok. :)


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