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i am struggling very badly with my anxiety with some OCD thrown in...dont know what to do

i am struggly very badly with my anxiety and have no one to talk too. i feel like i am going to lose my mind. i am so angry and then burst into tears. i dont know were to turn. i dont want to take any medication, but no sure how i can start to feel better. every day is getting worse. i have had anxiety for about 4 years and my OCD is probaly about 2-3 years. OCD is leaving the house and me having to have the same ritual to get out. i can live with this, just. i would like any helpful advice on how others have got over their anxiety.

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Hi Katherine,

Unfortunately I can't give you any exclusive tips for 'getting over' anxiety, as I haven't yet accomplished that ultimate achievement... But I can give you some ideas that others have told me which may help you.

I completely understand about the feeling of losing your mind, I feel like that on a daily basis and often get restless and stressed. I also have a 'ritual' before leaving the house, however I haven't classified is as a compulsive action, I always have to have a bath and 'doll' myself up, whether it's simply taking the dog for a walk, or a meeting. My family think it's excessive, but I don't want to be looked at as a 'scrubber', especially with there being many judgmental people on my estate.

What you are suffering from seems to be agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). The most common symptom of agoraphobia is not wanting to leave the house, and venture into the outside world, I could say I have that too, as I only ever leave my room to go to the toilet. However, it is always best to go to your GP for advice and maybe even a diagnosis and medication if you want it. Medication takes away the symptoms, but not the problem, so you still may have anxiety over leaving the house, even with medication. Therefore, talking therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy might be the better option, it's about looking at your actions and why you perform them, basically, where your anxiety stems from. After finding out the cause, your therapist will then help you explore ways to fight off your unwanted feelings and thoughts.

Obsessive compulsive disorder starts with a 'bad' thought, that causes the person to perform an action in order to 'satisfy' the anxiety, and convince the sufferer that action will stop the anxiety and something 'bad' from happening. Your anxiety over leaving the house, has caused your OCD rituals, as you think performing these actions will help.

I personally hate leaving the house, whenever I do leave, it's always a last minute decision. I can't deal with having a set 'plan' for me to leave the house. When I leave as a last minute decision, I have to go before I change my mind, which can take seconds, so I have no time to worry about what is outside, and once I've gone, there's no backing down. So maybe try just sitting in your front garden, it may not be a 4 mile walk, but you are OUTSIDE, which is the whole point! You need to de-sensitize yourself to the outside world, slowly, and build up the distance you get from home gradually. You can set up small achievable goals, like increasing the distance from home by 10 meters per day? So you could start at your doorstep, with a cup of tea and a magazine, then move to your front gate and have a glimpse outside, then go outside the gate and walk to the corner of your street, and then you could walk the entire perimeter of your street. Small goals will gain you the best results in the end, you don't want to march straight into the town center and then be completely freaked out, unwinding all of your efforts beforehand. With the lovely weather we are having recently, maybe some therapeutic gardening would be nice? Pick some nice flower seeds, and make it your hobby and coping method to grow them, and water them everyday. If you have children, it's great for them to be involved too, kids love planting! However, you may enjoy it more if you're alone, you will be proud of your work.

If the OCD is causing you bother and you'd rather have rid of it, try adding an extra 'challenge' in to your goals, try not to perform those compulses before leaving the house, and you will see that nothing bad will happen if you don't do it.

With anxiety, breathing is the most important factor to concentrate on. When you feel anxious, your breathing becomes shallow and the chest may become tight, I get this an awful lot, and it really helps to breathe in through my nose for 4 seconds, and then exhale out of my mouth for another 4 seconds, and keep repeating until you feel in control again. Shallow breathing and lack of oxygen is what causes anxiety sufferers to have panic attacks, they feel tight chested, and the thought process speeds up and they begin to panic about what is happening to them. Controlling the breathing at the very start of anxiety, will almost always prevent panic attacks.

I'm sorry my reply is so long, but I hope it helped.




How did you get so wise so quickly? :')

I hope you can understand now why my replies to you as often so long. It's because I have to a lot to say!

Katherine, I second all the advice Muffin has given you and I hope you find it helpful, remember there is nothing wrong with asking for help and I think it's great that you've taken the first step on here in being open about your anxiety and admitting there is a problem. Give yourself a pat on the back. :)

One more thing: keep blogging, if you're ok doing so. It's cathartic and it does make a big difference I think. :) We'd be interested to hear how you get on.

Take and kindest regards,

wanderingwallflower :) xxxx


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