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Hello...... Is there anybody there?

Well what a strange weekend!! The site has been decimated?? most of the top bloggers gone, (but won't be forgotten!) Felt so lost today no fun to be had on here! Got so fed up I ended up de scaling the kettle!! Seriously surely humour is the best remedy? Please let's get back to the harmless banter that I'm sure the majority enjoyed. I know it has helped me to stop wallowing in misery and also to see that there are people who are suffering much more than me!

Keep smiling xx


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Hi Ruby,

yes it's been..well drama! Lots of people have left but there's still a good few of us lurking, me included.

Please keep blogging because it's us that makes up the site!

I'm sorry you were so down today, but I except the kettle appreciates it. I am going to put some loving words in this forum tommorow, when I am wide awake.

Take care and kindest regards,

wanderingwallflower xx


expect the kettle appreciates it! * sorry that was spose to be a joke, not sure if it's funny.


Oh my goodness - you were reduced to descaling the kettle :O

I'm still here too.

Keep hanging in and hopefully we'll have a chance to get back to normal.



Well I funky.... Yes the kettle is a lot happier! Me too now I can get twice as much water In now lol !!! That its not full of limescale... Gonna dust the tv tmoz! Whoo shop!

Happy days



Hi Ruby,I'm here if that helps lol.

Actually my sister lives down near Oxford and the water there is really hard.Not hard as in tough lol,but she has lots of trouble with limescale.Well here's to another week.