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Is there any hope?


So after being made redundant in December 4 months later I still am out of work and finding it hard to get any belief/positivity. I have been applying for jobs,driving to places and handing in my cv but hearing back from noone..its really pulling me down. Is anyone else in the same boat or have any advice to keep positive?  I told myself that due to my anxiety and depression that time off work was what i needed and that it was ok to not be ok but 4 months later im worrying what others think of me, my partner and his family especially. Because my partner is bringing in all the income at the moment I feel awful which is making me stress more and because his family are all out working too i worry what they must think too. I'm so sick of feeling like this, someone please say it will get better :(. 

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Hi gldavis, I'm in exactly the same situation, I was made redundant in 2012 and managed to get temporary contract jobs since then, but my last job ended in September 2015 and I have had nothing u I have applied for jobs till I'm blue in the face but getting nowhere. Just a few weeks ago it all got to me and I had a complete meltdown and I'm finding it extremely difficult to conquer this anxiety now. What kind of work did u do?

gldavis447 in reply to Alice61

Hi Alice61,

Sorry to hear you are going through the same thing, know that you are not alone and we are all here if you need to talk. 

I have worked in the Animal Care Industry for nearly 10 years mainly with dogs but also with Cats too. The business I worked for sadly closed in December.

A few months ago I accepted a job with a Dog Walking company but due to depression/anxiety issues I was overwhelmed and like you had an emotional breakdown. I couldnt cope basically.

How about you? What kind of work do you do? 

Alice61 in reply to gldavis447

Aww that a shame gl, I worked for the cooperative group as a payroll administrator, but am willing to do any job that comes along now. We actually got a wee border collie puppy last November, but because my anxiety was so bad we had to have her I could not take her out and felt so guilty it was a viscous  circle.

gldavis447 in reply to Alice61

Its really good that you are willing to do anything that comes, that shows you have strength and you can do it! :) I find even going out my door incredibly hard most days and because my confidence and self esteem have been so low its very difficult for me to come across well at interviews. 

Have you seen your doctor about how youre feeling, your anxieties etc? 

Having a dog is really good therapy and keeps you active even if you dont feel like it sometimes. I have a Lab who lives at my parents so whenever I am having a really bad day I will go home and spend some time with her. The love they give you is amazing and I swear they know how youre feeling too! 

There is a website called FutureLearn which gives you the opportunity to complete online courses for free. I have found this to be really helpful and something to put my brain into whilst out of work. 

I have also had a firm look at my lifestyle and implemented changes which I feel has affected my health. I have completely stopped smoking now and have completely limited my alcohol intake to special occasions only.  There are still things which I need to work on e.g. the amount I sleep but with positive steps and the right people around me I know I will get better.

Positivity is key. As hard as it may be sometimes you have to look at whats positive in your life and what your strengths are.

Things WILL get better xxxx


Alice61 in reply to gldavis447

Thanks for ur encouragement gldavis, I have just reached an all time low as u say self esteem and confidence is gone. I had a bad day yesterday and did not sleep great, but today's another day to face and with the help and support from u guys will get through it.

gldavis447 in reply to Alice61

No worries lovely, its good to talk about things especially to those who understand and are going through the same thing. You will have your bad days but you will also have good ones too. Be kind to yourself and have some time for YOU. If there is one thing I have learnt through this is that sometimes you have to think of you and your own feelings. You are as important as anyone else in this world...big hugs xxxx

Alice61 in reply to gldavis447

Thanks gl, ur reply just came at the right time, I have been extremely anxious tonight and don't know how to calm myself down xx


O I feel for you , jobs are so hard to come by these days so please try & cast out the thought this is anything to do with you because of how you are because it is not !

You needed that time out while you were getting back on your feet so don't be blaming yourself for that either 

My son is a qualified painter but could he find any work no !

He was out of work other than a few bits here and there for a year then someone told him about support workers that were needed , now this was not something he had ever thought of doing but as he said a job is a job , he went for the interview with no experience but they liked what he had to say and my advise to him was just be you and it worked they gave him the job !

He has been there just over 3 months , he loves it , he does not see himself doing it forever as he is still young but for now he is enjoying been in the work place and like he says jobs are hard to get so he will settle for what he has for now :-)

Have you looked out the box so to say at things you may not think you can do or would do ?

Sometimes it is best to keep asking friends and family if they hear anything to let you know it can be word of mouth that sometimes gets you in like it was for my Son 

No one should be thinking any less of you as you are doing everything you possibly can to find work and as I would always say to my Son what more can you do but I would say when the time is right something will come along and it did and I am sure it will be the same for you to :-)

Maybe tell your BF how you are feeling so you can get his reassurance and support 

Meanwhile have you thought about maybe doing a car boot sale or anything like that , it all helps and you would be contributing no matter how often or how much 

Remember no one now a days knows how secure their jobs are with hoe things are so anyone that is thinking or saying anything ( which I doubt they will be ) could be them one day and you would not think any worse of them if they were trying as hard as you are at the moment so why should they think any worse of you ?

Good Luck , I wish you all the best and I know eventually a job will come your way :-)

Take Care x

gldavis447 in reply to lulu-1

Thankyou Bounce for such kind and warm words and a big well done to your Son, he should give himself a tap on the back and one for you as well for giving him a helping hand :) 

I know things will get better in time, being on here is helping hugely, its so nice to talk to people who build you up :) 

Love and hugs :) 

lulu-1 in reply to gldavis447

Thank You gldavis447 that is very kind of you :-)

Yes you have somewhere to come and talk and I agree it really helps to know you are not alone and people do understand just how it is when you have anxiety and trying to deal with things but I have every faith that you will get a job even if yours has faded a little and looking forward to seeing a post from you sometime telling us about your new job because there will be one :-) x

It'll get better, do not give up hope 😊 just keep believing and pray to God 

gldavis447 in reply to Alan_98

Thankyou Alan, really means a lot. Love and hugs :) 

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