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Anxiety ruinin my life i cant get it out my head the physical symptoms are out this world alls i keep thinkin is isit even anxiety

Its ruinin me i lay here trying to wqt h tele n i can just hear and feel my pulse and heart pounding away and then a stabbing feeling in my head and chest then a dull feeling and then just feel out my body then get realy sweaty and hot and dizzy. Especially at rugby training i used to cover every blade of grass now i cant even run without stoping to feel my heart my eye sight is also blurry i get crawly like feeling in my face and head and odd pressures what are scary also if i find a lump ill constantly touch it then i get pain ther i cant cope wiv life anyone else get this in alone!!!

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Hi john

I remember you hun , I am sorry to see things don't seem to have gotten any better , I thought maybe they had with you been quite

I think I remember you do go to your GP about your health & do get the all clear , so it seems you have health anxiety

Have you been & spoke about counselling & meds maybe to help you get through this

Would be a good idea

All your symptoms are very common with anxiety , even though I no they are very frightening & unpleasant

Keep talking on here as well





I no ye and i am seeing my doc later i just keep feeling faint and pressure in my head i keep thinkin i have a tumor or something in scared to death x


O John

I am glad you are seeing your doctor later , you cant go on like this

It wont be a tumour love , you wouldn't be on here if it was , I no that's easy for me to say , but difficult when you are panicking

Tell them everything all your fears , don't be afraid to tell them , ask about meds , counselling & get some help

Let us no later how you go on



JOHN 12 I hear ya buddy! Pounding heart beat, dizzyness, a pressure on the chest,stabbing pains in my ribs. I find walking, YOGA, trying to just generally be happy, watching comedy films or tv. They all help. Try to stay happy though. Your mood is key i find. Try not to sit around and do nothing.


Thanks for comments my physicall symptoms are still abit intense but i find i can sleep abit better ive just took my second tablet so maybe they might work soon hope i get better any of you get weird feelings in your head too??x


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