Hi Everyone

Thought i would pop in to say hello to everyone as it has been a long time and hope you are all having some peace within. I have really missed being here as its a lifeline at times.

I have been really busy as i am hoping to move maybe a fresh start will do me good.

I am making progress but the anxiety and panic still lurk but i am determined to brush this aside.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Take care all

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


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5 Replies

  • Seyi

    I no people say this , but seriously I was actually thinking about you today & was wondering how you were :)

    Sounds like you are doing well & still focused on your move :)

    Me well , I have a sinus thing going on again , but actually went out Thursday , docs , shopping & hair done , still recovering from it :D

    Going to eldest daughters as well tomorrow to see her new house , I am feeling a little under the weather & could do without it , but I am sure I will enjoy it once I am there :)

    You can give me a clap if you like :-/

    Oh I am so pleased you have come on & said hello :)




  • Hi whywhy

    Lovely to hear from you and sorry you are suffering with the sinuses nothing worse. I am sure you will enjoy your Daughters new house like you said once you are there.

    I really hope you feel better soon and mega claps for you for going to the hairdressers and shopping minus the Doctors as like myself know you dislike it.

    Hope to talk soon

    Take care and thank you for thinking about me although i do not know you personally i class you as a good friend.


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Thank you Seyi

    Daughter & family have got a sickness bug , so we didnt go it might have been for the best as I dont want that as well :o

    I also class you as a very good friend as well & thank you for my claps :-D


  • Hi seyi, nice to see you here, good news your making progress and planning the move, hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too :)

    Mimii xx

  • Hi mimii

    Nice to hear from you and yes i am making progress its a case of being determined this time although i get the odd days feeling low.

    Suppose it will always be lurking but it is learning to deal with it which i am trying. Hope you are doing well :)

    Hope to talk soon

    big hugs

    Love Seyi xxx

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