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Feeling positive

Today I was at uni for those of you that don't know I'm a student nurse. I had to do a presentation wAs feeling carpal lastnighteverything running through my head what if I mess it up i don't want to get bad marks and ruin the groups mark. Did a practice run through went ok but when it came to the real assessment I was totally shaking like a leaving, feeling sick and though I was about to have a panicattackbut managed to subside his by doing breathing exercises to calm my nerves and I managed Togo through my presentation with only minor slip ups big achievement for me today was totally relieved once it was over and it took ages for my anxiety to subside. But now ican try and relax as have some time of uni and hopefully get my head together as my other half prob won't have a job for much longer.:(.


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Well done you

People without anxiety , struggle with presentations , so someone with anxiety , its twice the fear , yet you did it , you should feel so proud , I did reading your blog :-)

Try & stay in the day with your thoughts & I hope that things work out for your OH





Thanks why why that's whyi like coming on here to share achievements and to laugh and cry when feeling low. I found it reallyhard but I did it which made me so happyandrelieved at the end. I hope it works out to should find out Monday.



A big Well done........... you should be proud of yourself!!



Well done, what an achievement :-) just thinking about having to do a presentation makes my anxiety go through the roof and I know I wouldn't be able to do it.

You should be extremely proud of yourself.xx


I am really chuffed for you. Wish we could imprint in our minds 'and this too shall pass'.

After the passing time isn't it lovely to feel that relaxation setting in. Great, you've done it. Good for you. All the best for your future tests. xx


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