OK I am writing this & not going to make it for members only so if MR B sees it , he might come back

Now you have got it all wrong

Eveyone wants you back

We all love your support

I will be left with no one to play dress up with & grog will be left with no one to do a deal with trying to get a car , so get your butt back will you

If as people have said they are sad MR B has gone , add to this & we never no , he may just come back

Worth a try , we no we have done our best then





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26 Replies

  • Yes mr B come are such a great help to many with your fab blogs and huge input....

    Come back Mr B...... :)


  • Thanks , lets hope he see's this


  • Totally agree whywhy

    like yourself he always has a reassuring kind work and advice for everyone,

    so glad grogs back this place wouldnt be the same without any of you xxx


  • I no mimii

    It was nice to have his support

    I hope he changes his mind , was good fun as well , which we need at times


  • Mr B,

    I've really enjoyed talking to you recently. You've been a great help and are always insightful to listen to (read). It saddens me greatly that you felt you had no other choice but to leave and I am wondering what lead you to make this decision. I really hope that in the next couple of days you are able to reconsider coming back to us.

    Take care and I wish you all the best, whatever you decide.

    Fay xxxx

  • Thanks Faye

    Lets hope he sees it , I have a feeling he didn't no he was a help on here , hope people will sign this & he changes his mind


  • I hope he comes back. Has helped me so much with his wisdom..I'm actually really gutted he isn't here :-(


  • Me to , we have grog back , now Mr B & Bertty are needed

    Fingers crossed


  • Toes crossed ;) xxxxx

  • COME BACK MR B!!!!!!!

    We miss you and we want you - please come back! :'(




  • Well said Rose

    Hope he looks & see's this & knows he is wanted , have a feeling he didn't maybe realise :-(


  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sorry to hear you have up and left us and I hope you are OK.

    I have enjoyed reading your comments and the advice you give to people, you are always so knowledgeable and I feel you bring a sense of calmness to the site, if that makes sense.

    I hope you know that there is always a place for you here if or when you decide to come back. Xx

  • Well said loubie


  • Nooo, Baylien's gone? :( I don't understand, I've come back on here just now and lots of people have gone, how sad...

    Mr B was always so kind and helpful to me and his posts were so wise and uplifting, I really hope he comes back if it's the right thing for him.

    I don't know if I'm missing something or if people have just left quietly for their own reasons but I'm wishing everyone well and sending big hugs xxxx

  • Maybe best you missed it all Katy ;-)

    Slight melt down , I feel , but fingers crossed all will be back to normal (what ever that is ) :-D

    Hope Mr B does reconsider , every things crossed


  • I hope so too, it's such a shame, so many of the top bloggers/blogs have been greyed out now.

    I hope this site returns to its usual self soon :)


  • Me to Katy

    We have grog back , but he is a little poorly :-(

    Bertty is back as well in a different name which I cant remember , so he will have to stop Bertty to me :-D

    Just Mr B seems missing , so fingers crossed


  • Please come back Mr B..i miss your words of wisdom they are such a comfort helpful and uderstanding xxx

  • Hi, Mr B I have been on this site for maybe three months now, I haven't been brave enough to blog (hope to eventually but am building up to it) but do read them and the answers everyday:) and you Mr B give me hope, hope that eventually I may be able to float through as you do. so please come back (if its right for you) we will miss you.


  • Hey Eva

    You write very well

    I want to see you blog very soon




    Come back I want another trip out on the weekend and after all you are the captain.


    Sick old



  • Hi grog, thank you for the compliment and thank you for the laughs! although i rarely comment (i have massive confidence issues...aswel as many others, as im sure we all do;) the lightheartedness you show is admirable and I know from my point (as a pretty much silent member) yourself, why why, mr b, scragga muffin, bertty and too many others to name bring a sense of togetherness that seems to cast a brightness over the cloudy days. My best wishes to you all and I too hope I'm brave enough to blog soon..........maybe if mr b returns.........(joking) no pressure mr b......

    Nic xxx

  • Eva

    Even though this is a bit of a sad blog , I also see it as a positive as someone that has been looking has now felt they can speak , which is great to see

    Don't worry , when you are ready , you will blog , in your own time , mean while you might feel you can join in a bit on the comments , you have made a start , which is brilliant , again no pressure

    Hope you have a good day




  • Hi why why thank you for your kind words, it means a lot. I hope you have had a good day too. I hope I'm able to comment more but I think i struggle to find answers for myself so don't feel equipped (for want of a better word) to help and advise others but I will carry on reading and if I can, will comment. But again thank you, to you all. to be here for others when you are struggling with your own issues shows a compassion, strength and courage I am in awe of....

    Nic xxx

  • I understand

    I don't always have the answers either

    Maybe when you see us having a fun blog which you might have noticed , just if you ever feel like it say hello on there , there mad when we start & you don't need an answer , just the ability to be crazy :-D


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