My first blogg ??

'Hi...this is my first blog..hope im doing it so anxiety has been really bad since february and the worse episode ive ever had. I havnt been out and cant face any other person..even if somebody knocks.on the door I run and hide...the worse problem for that my anxiety is affecting my abdomen so bad ..i get weird horrible feelings and spasms in my side..i do suffer with ibs but it has gone ten times worse now....when I get anxious my belly sort of clams up and goes stiff has anyone else had this...thankyou I hope I did this blogg right....xxxxx


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  • Hi

    You have done a wonderful blog & well done you

    Love your pic as well , its really cheerful

    Yes all your symptoms sound like anxiety

    I relate as well wanting to hide when someone knocks , I can be like that as well

    Have you seen GP

    You sound like you could benefit with some help , maybe meds counselling , if you have already , go back again & let them no , things are not getting any better

    Really pleased for you that you have found the courage to blog , I no how hard it is & hope this has given you confidence , as you no people will support you on here




  • Thankyou WhyWhy ..i am seeing a counceller on the 2nd july and she is coming to my house because I cant go out..but only for the first visit she told e jer aim was to get me out and about so nervous about her coming ..but so glad too...i hate being this way...i wont take meds because I have severe allergic reations to wishes xxxx

  • I had one come to see me , don't worry , say exactly how it is , after mine they said wouldn't be pushing me

    Remember as well you are in control , just because we have anxiety , we don't have to say yes if we really feel it is to much for us at that moment & we can say & discuss it with them

    Let us no how you go on


  • Thankyou ...i will do ...fingers crossed its positive news xxxx

  • :-)


  • Hi x I.have same symptoms as you churning diaphragm and nausea every morning sometimes all day anxciety too --dreadfull x Rolla

  • Hi Rolla...sorry you have this too its so belly goes hard and I get cramps too and spasms and I too feel really nauseous...i do have episodes thrughout the day were ill feel ok but then it all starts off again ..xx

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