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Eye test

I posted on here a couple of weeks ago about bad pains in My head and a tight band across my forhead, so I went to the doctors and he said from the symptons I was saying he said its tension headache, but I felt I had to go and have a eye test done to make sure everything was ok, so I went on Friday and they said everything was fine, I still feel now that there is something more wronge, I have health anxiety and currently haveing CBT, just hope I get better soon and these symptons go away

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Hi Amzy...sorry to hear you are suffering with pains in your head. I have had that too and it is scarry and menacing but believe me it is tension headache and nothing serious and it will go away eventually. I hope you feel much better.soon xx



I remember your blog

I would believe your GP & now you have had your eyes tested & they have said everything is fine , I no its easy for me to say , but try not to worry

When you have your eyes tested , they can be the first people to spot if anything is wrong , they can see right back into your eyes & if there was something wrong they would have seen it , so try & relax

I get the same tension headaches as well , so you are not on your own

I am pleased you have let us no how you went on :-)





I have headaches every day and was convinced I had a brain tumour so MRI was done and all clear thank goodness so tension headaches I have to go and lay down have or one now nothing takes it away wake up in the night with them, so believe them although hard to o so Take Care xxxxx


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