Yesterday went to the doctors to get my monthly prescription,the he said you have been on SSRI's for ten years now and have had counselling, etc and everything available to you,so in other words there's nothing left we just as well say goodbye,I was shocked and had a very bad day,so I am on my own now,this is not a negative post just saying how it is,not sure what the future holds,but will carry on regardless and keep you updated.Enjoy your day my friends.Teabags xxx


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  • I say as I find I'm afraid,but I think uv been treated rather badly,is ther another go in ur practice u could see or change surgerys altogether ,I think he or she sounds very uncaring,iv been on ssris for yrs too but they haven't given up on me,till u get sorted come on here and chat were all in the same boat sometimes,ie ,desperate,sad,panicky ,but we get through each day ,pleased ont give up love,xxxx

  • Thanks Louise but I have visited them so many times I really don't blame them,and I am OK.Thank you

  • So have I,but they haven't give up on me,any way if u want to chat ul find me,glad ur ok,xxx

  • I have to agree with what louise says as well Teabags , that is awful

    I can only say the same , please don't give up , sometimes I think will there ever be anything for me & I get tired trying , but I no I cant give up & have to keep believing & pushing , even though maybe we shouldn't have to

    Love the pic of the dog , is it yours ?




  • The doctor should be reported he chose and is being paid a big fat salary to treat patients and not treat them how you have been treated. Do you have a practise manager there if you do speak to her. Take care. X

  • Yes ,that's a good idea ,I'm sure that they will help you throughthis, take care love ,let us know how you go on xxx take care

  • It is my little dog,Thank you all what it was is that I had arranged for my ears to be syringed out but I cancelled it as I was having a bad day,I cancelled it early so that I never let anyone down,I have ringing in my ears,and it does disappear when I am not so anxious on a very rare occasion,the doctor the doctor suggested Mirtazpine and I said't I didn't want just more medication going in to my brain that's all they do is change the tablets or up the dose,I've been on medication for so long and it has never worked,the doctors have a very heavy workload and all they can do is hand out tablets like sweets,its not there fault,perhaps you will understand where the doctors coming from,when he said

    you are refusing medication and cancelled your ear syringing appointment,so we cannot help you anymore,my apologise if I have misinformed you in anyway.its not in me to give up..Teabags

  • Hi teabags,

    The doctor saying that is still very juvenile, and uncaring.

    It must be so hard dishing out drugs 4 hrs and day for £120000 plus referrals. God they dont know they are born.

    You are entitled to ask for help, whether it be for your ears or more therapy, go get them teabags, just keep your cool when you ask, as I've been tempted in the past :-)



  • I feel guilty whenever I pick up the phone to ring for an app,thinking that they'll b thinking o it's her again,I have refused meds inthe past for 1readon or another ,and iv never had a word said against me,I didn't used to b like this ,but Iolst my lovely hubby 8yrs ago then my son 3yrs ago,I have a daughter but she works full time and lives miles away,I'm anxious as I live alon,I imagine all sorts of things rwrong,I have mild asthma too,I wish with all my heart I could get my health back I had 10yrs ao, that's one thing I pray for everyday,xxxx

  • Hi Louise,

    We shouldn't feel like we are mithering the doctors, but we do.

    My heart goes out for you for your sad losses.

    I see you live around the Rochdale area?? I live in Heywood.

    Don't give up asking for help, that's what the doctors get paid for.

    Eunice xx

  • Thank you eunice,that's very kind of you, I seem to live in a permanent state of anxiety al the time,just going through palpitations at the mo,while I'm in bed,something different every day,I don't think these antidepressants I'm on are suiting me, some days I feel so ill,yes I'm in Rochdale ,I don't know Heywood very well though,

  • Hi Louise,

    Poor you, no let up for you then. It's hard getting the right medication. I have been on Sertraline for about 8 years and others before them. I am not to bad at the present.

    I know Rochdale, I used to work at Shanti', my mates shop, on the walk, part time, but have been retired for a long time now.

    I hope you can get to see you daughter and her family soon, perhaps they can lift your spirits. I can't even imagine losing a child.

    Look after yourself.

    Eunice xx

  • Yes I remember that shop.i retired 3yrs ago, I'm currently taking citalopram ,I'm seeing my doc on for a chat bout this ,u take care,il let u know how I get on,thank u for ur good wishes ,losing a child is the worst thing to happen to me, to anyone".

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