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Scientifically, why is my brain telling me I'm about to die?


I feel like my brain should be working for me not against me, but instead we have a terrible relationship as it continues to LIE to me constantly. "Oh Shelby you're going to have a seizure and die." "Hey Shelby you're going to have a stroke and die." "Oh hi, Shelby. Didn't see you there. It's a nice day isn't it and also you're DEFINITELY gonna die." Right now it's telling me I'm about to die. I'm too scared to do anything because I'm a bit preoccupied by the whole feeling of being about to die. I wish I could break up with my brain and get a new one. Oh well. Maybe someday.

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you’re not going to die shelby! don’t let anxiety fool you

Hi Shelby, a very different kind of post by you. A little more lighthearted which makes

me feel you are starting to see how the mind plays with our emotions. Say you could

get a new brain, then you wouldn't be the Shelby we all know and love. Our brain is

everything we are. It stores memories both good and bad. But it is who we are.

Be careful what you wish for, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The way to get rid of these obsessive negative thoughts is by accepting it as lies

and switching those negative thoughts to positive. We do that by standing up

for ourselves. When negativity tries to convince me that I can't go somewhere,

I get angry. Turn fear into anger against the control your brain is trying to have

over you. This is your life, your decisions as to what you want and need to do.

Don't put up with it anymore. Stay strong. Just as it's okay to cry, it's okay to

get PO'd at this entity called anxiety.

You are going to beat this one day. I have no doubts. You're being too nice to

something that doesn't deserve it. You are not dying because these lies tell you

that you are. It's all hogwash. Ask yourself, does having these thoughts help me

in any way? I will never give up on you. Don't give up on yourself :) xx

someone5673 in reply to Agora1

Jeez Agora, why are you so perfect? Thank you for the replies, they're always so helpful to me. <3

Agora1 in reply to someone5673

Remember someone, that I went through the same thing that you have.

My life experience had just gone on much longer and so it is my time to

pass my success forward. You're in the right place on this forum. Believe

that this will all pass in time. Goodnight Shelby :) xx

I understand this feeling all too well :(

Its your subconscious mind thats giving you your bad thoughts ! not your brain ! start listening to Dr Wayne Dyer progs, if you fill your mind with his wisdom, they will take over ! Thinking your going to die is just your fear of it ! we are all going to die one day, but worrying about it has no chance of changing it ! so worrying is pointless ! xx

this post might help

I have those thoughts off and on and I think it has to do with anxiety and especially a panic attack triggering our fight or flight response, which we are hard-wired for. It's our bodies built-in response to keep us alive and not die. So those of us who have had panic attacks and anxiety disorder have more awareness of death/dying, etc.. because of it.

The other thing i've noticed about scary and obsessive thoughts is that they distract us from being present. I'm amazed and laugh at myself sometimes at the thoughts my mind conjures up. Your recovery from anxiety disorder begins when you stop believing your thoughts. Having a sense of humor about it and making fun of it like you are is a good place to start.

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