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Sort me out!

I've not posted on here before, but I've just had to give up my second job in 3 months due to anxiety and panic. I am going to the Dr on Wednesday to ask for help again, I asked in January/February time and again last month. The first time he just looked terrified and couldn't wait to get me out of the surgery with a prescription for more bp tablets, the second time I was told "everyone gets anxious, take some Kalms".

I don't understand why they're not listening to me and helping me... Anyone got any tips on what to say to get them to take me seriously?

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Sadly some doctors, if they cant find something physical, go to pieces, as there not trained for psychological stuff as much.

I'd explain about you having troubles holding down a job, and ask to be refered for some therapy, councilling etc. where they will understand you, and hopefully be able to help.

Stick at it,

Hope you get some help wednesday



A good doctor will ask you the right questions - but not always at the first appointment. Sometimes people go to the doctor when they feel a bit down, and doctors will sometimes give them medication and sometimes they won't - the danger with doling out pills is that you end up with people using medication instead of finding other ways of coping and doctors are discouraged from giving a quick fix. But what you are describing sounds much longer term, and you must make this clear to your GP. If they realise that this is not just a blip and that it is affecting your ability to find or stay in work they should ask you the questions that will determine whether you are depressed or suffering from an anxiety disorder or another mental illness or disorder.

You need to tell them what you are experiencing, for example if you can't sleep or sleep too much, not eating or eating too much, difficulty with concentration, jittery or jumpy, unable to control your emotions or feeling anxious or nervous all the time, feeling afraid, if you are using drugs (even over the counter medication) or alcohol to help you to sleep or stay calm or just to function normally. Everyone is different and you will know what is normal for you and if you are now behaving out of character or if it is affecting your ability to do normal activities. Some people become obsessive or manic, others become withdrawn and internalise everything. You must explain to your GP exactly what is happening to you that is different from your normal behaviour.

Please don't give up - if you are with a group GP practice it might be worth trying a different doctor. Good luck on Wednesday.


See a different doctor twisty! You can see anyone you like if it is a group practise. Some doctors hate mental health problems and don't understand them. Others are great. I generally find female doctors more sympathetic.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Bev xx


I agree with hypercat. I saw many different doctors and they reacted in different ways.


Hi there Twisty, i understand what you mean.

This has just got me thinking.

I had a couple of related appointments with the doctors before they come to a conclusion. I didn't even realise.

My first was asking about whether my coil was running out of hormones, as i was confused, irritable and tearful.

My second was about lightheadedness. I thought i might have a major problem because i got dizzy whenever i thought about something or drove.


(slot in a panic attack and a trip to hospital where they told me i was dehydrated when i told them i felt dreamy)

And the third...well, i just burst into tears when she asked how she could help me lol. I didnt even feel tearful, i just felt relief that someone asked and maybe able to help clear my head.

These were all different doctors because i didnt think the syptoms were anything to do with each other until five minutes ago. So the last doctor had only read my notes and then asked how she could help. I burst into tears and straight away she 'knew' what was wrong (i still didnt) and thats when i started getting help and understanding.


Thanks everyone. It went well! I took my other half, he helped explain, and I got referred for counselling starting 3 July, and some citalopram to fill up my seemingly-empty serotonin reservoir. The pharmacist filling my prescription was also really helpful and lovely. So, something I was dreading turned out ok after all.

Thanks again for all your help and advice xxx


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