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I've had what I'd call an anxiety/panic relapse, was doing well up untill about 5weeks ago when it hit me again, scared the hell out of me and has really freaked me out, I've been off work since, hardly been out of the house, having all the dreaded symptoms, but the brain fog and light headed feelings are more prominent, feel dizzy, unsteady, permanent anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach, and now I've made the biggest mistake ever, I've taken to my bed! I've been in bed most of the time for over a week! a friend took me out for breakfast a few days ago and I was secretly freaking out inside, soon as she dropped me back home I went straight back to my bed, I know this is not good, I just feel safer and comforted by being in bed? what hell am I doing? why can't I get up?


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  • Hi suzie482, What are you doing? You are retreating, you are looking for a safety zone, most of all you are scared. No matter how many times anxiety hits us, it seems harder at times to accept it if it has been away for awhile. Whatever triggered it caused you to go into this tailspin. You already know that finding the comfort and safety you need is not in bed. Brain fog, unsteadiness etc are scary but lying in bed won't reverse it. 5 weeks is a long time to have given in to this anxiety bully. You've got to move your muscles. Start by moving around in the house. Either see a therapist or doctor so you can get out of this slump. Believe me when I say 5 weeks can easily go into 10, 20 etc. You cannot give into the anxiety. Just be sure you are not dealing with a physical issue that might be making your head feel like this as well as unbalanced. If it is your anxiety, you are going to have to get tough with yourself since you cannot will it away, wish it away or hide away. I hope you find some recourse in us or your therapist to stop the insanity. Don't let anxiety win. xx

  • Thank you Angora1

    I know your right in what you say, I'm disappointed in myself, I'm angry but yes scared too, I had an ECG and standard bloods checked when I started with this again several weeks ago, all were clear, no apparent problem with my results, just wish I hadn't given in to the safety feeling of my bed/home, think I need a kick up the backside, I'm sleeping way to much too, thats no doubt due to the comfort I feel whilst I'm cocooned here, feels like a chicken in the protective surrounding of its egg shell, god, am I going completely crazy??

  • I was just writing you back suzie482. I didn't want you to think I was coming down hard on you. I feel your fear. I know you are scared to take that step forward. You are not going crazy by any means. Anxiety can be very powerful if we let it. I'm glad you did see your doctor. Would it really be so bad if you saw a therapist or put on medication just for a short time while you are at home? Something needs to break the cycle you are in. We can help from this end, but at times we need a little more. Like a push :)

    Don't come down hard on yourself but rather show anxiety who's boss. I'm sure a lot of others will be joining in. We will all hold you up. We care, I care. x

  • I know your not coming down hard on me, hope I didn't sound to defensive or anything in my reply, im so grateful for the support here, your all so amazing, I find it a great help being part of this community, I'm taking fluoxetine and have an appointment to see a therapist in a couple of weeks, I'm due back at work next week and I'm terrified tbh, this bed retreat is the worsed thing I could of done, I'm so upset with my response to the return of anxiety/panic xx

  • Don't be upset suzie, you were being honest with yourself as well as the forum. This will all work out. It's just a little glitch. Like a power surge with our computers that go out for a few moments and then come back just as powerful as before. And you will too. Think positive suzie. xx

  • Thank you so so much Agora1, xxx

  • I have been going to therapy for quite sometime and it has been great! Sometimes you take 5 steps forward and three steps back.... But thats OK! things will scare you randomly, and the best way to address it is to acknowledge that it is there to tell you something. Take the information you body is telling you, assess it, address if you need to and say "thank you!" good bye now!

    I know it seems kind of silly to think of these things this way but it does work.

    Im not sure what scared you or if it was a symptom that came along and just got you scared of something but its all about assessing the situation. EXAMPLE: You're hiking and you see a big bear on its feet, roaring, your first reaction is... Im scared, im dead, im going to die... etc etc etc. Now picture that same bear doing the EXACT SAME THING, but at the zoo, behind a wall, a moat, and glass. Now what is your reaction? probably, excited, happy, amazed right? Well the same thing with things that you are currently afraid of.

    You have beat it before right? Then you know you will beat it again.


  • Hey Suzie482 I know what you talking about oh so well you feel like your bed is your safety net but you can't stay in bed everyday watching life past you by its hard but hang in the there you not alone! Everyday find. Reason to get up if you can't find one make one you can do it!

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