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I've been prescribed paxil for anxiety. But the reason for the anxiety is I'm withdrawing from nicotine. I just need something for that. I'm not no drug head. I took one last week. And I took one today and I'm telling you I feel like crap. After today I'm not taking anymore of it. I'm gonna let it wear off. I'm gonna make me a appointment to get a second opinion. I'm a healthcare worker I can't be on any narcotics.


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  • I don't think Paxil is a narcotic. It's an SSRI, I believe. What is it doing that is making you feel negatively?

  • Paxil is on the list of most dangerous drugs. Don't take Paxil.

  • Yesterday was it. No more

  • I also just read up on it. Thankyou

  • Don't understand side effects of Paxil and the reason it is so dangrouse.

  • Good, that is smart. Paxil is a bad drug and once on it, terribly hard to get off. It is considered a very dangerous drug. Your instinct is protecting you.

  • Yes lord

  • Sadly, I think we could find a report like this on any drug. It's the miserable reality of Dr. Google.

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