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Drinking whilst taking citamopram

I'm currently taking 10mg a day and was wondering whether it would be ok to have the occasional drink. I never drink excessively only one or two at the weekend and there is a christmas do coming up and I was wondering whether it would be ok to drink then? Or should I avoid it completely? Any advice welcome. Thanks.

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i think the two reasons why they recommend not to drink when using anti-depressants are (1) risk of increased drowsiness, and (2) risk of worsening depression.

I am on Escitalopram (very similar drug), also 10mg daily, and although I am not a big drinker, I can get away with the occasional glass of wine. It will just make me feel a bit "woozy" but that's more to do with not being used to it, than to do with it interacting with the drug.

This is a very good answer that may reassure you -



One or 2 should be fine. I went on a night out n drank loads whilst on citalopram (thinking I felt loads better) then the next day my anxiety and depression was back to square 1 x


Hi. You may not believe this but alcohol is a depressant. This is one of the reasons it says on the blurb not to drink while taking these tablets. It can nullify the effect of the tablets. Again, this does depend on the metabolism of the person. Better not to if you can.

Best wishes. jonathan.


You should be OK in moderation, alcohol will decrease the effects of meds for a short while.

I tried not take meds on alcohol if i could help it, as I found my depression went up. We all have different ideas

Good Luck


My one reservation would be - please don't drive! Meds and alcohol together would severely affect your ability to do so.





I wouldnt drink to much if you on tabs they dont mix and can make you do silly things hope that helps take care x


I take 20mg of Citalopram some years during the winter to ease the seasonal effect of GAD/Health Anxiety.

The main concern over drinking is exactly as Jonathan states, the impact of Alcohol on the brain is that it in effect reverses or neutralises the effect of the of any SSRI (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor) which are designed to maintain a higher and more stable level of Serotonin in the brain.

With that said I can and do drink on special occasions and weekends and can comfortably accept the fact that the next day will be fairly terrible with a greater need for rest and worsened hangover effect. Just know to expect that even on a fairly small amount of drink.


Thanks everyone, its really helped. I think it'll be best not to drink. I'm a severe lightweight anyway so I really don't like the sound of it affecting me more than usual. But its just sometimes I really want a drink...I should probably mention this to my doctor.


Hi. Dyslex. Yes; get some advice on this as your GP knows you and can decide if a DROP now and then would be OK. It may be a case of 'everything in moderation'. You sound as if you are worried about becoming an alcoholic. You have to drink really big time to become addicted. Look after yourself; go to your GP and let us know how you fare. Best wishes. jonathan.


I'm so not worried about being an alcoholic. I just think if I want to drink badly -then the tablets aren't really doing their job.

I've got an appointment to see GP on the 10th to see how I'm getting with them so I'll bring up this stuff then.


I think it depends on the medication and the person, I have drank on variouse meds over the years and had effects from feeling very aggredsive with suicidal thoughts (seroxat) to not being able to sleep becausr my ears keep popping(Prozac) . I am now on 225mg of venlafaxine and drinking doesn't srem to have an effect until I get to about 12 pints of Guinness and then I fall asleep but wake up with no hangover! Not that I recomend this and don't normally drink that much, will drink a bottle or 2 of red wine sometimes at weekends with a meal and good company but has no real effect, as I say? Depends on your state of mind, and what type of meds, they say that it can highten side effects. Steve


Ps if you are in depressed state as others have said alcohol is a depressant, when I am depressed I don't drink at all! Regards Steve


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