Oh Happy Day

At 7.30am today the man from Asda arrived with my groceries and cat food.

I opened the door still rubbing my eyes and scratching my head.

"My Gord "he said "you do look ill ,if I was you I'd go back to bed,my Gord you do look ill"

At 9am whilst still in bed the cardiac care nurse arrived and said

"My Gord you do look ill, I will do what I can but are you sure you're not dead? my Gord you do look ill"

At lunchtime the doctor came to look me over and made a remark

"My Gord you do look ill Don't make plans to walk to the park my Gord you do look ill"

At 3pm my wife came to see how I was.

"My Gord you do look well" she said with a smile",you look as though you could run a mile my Gord you do look well.

At 4pm I felt great.

With sincere apologies to anyone under the age of 65 and also to Stanley Holloway.

With great thanks to my wonderful wife.




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23 Replies

  • grog , you & Cookie should do a double act , you both have me in stiches :-D




  • Great idea but can you please come too just to add some much needed sanity to the duo?




  • O Dear grog , I am a bit worried if you think I am sane :-D

    I would come though , but the sanity bit , I cant promise ;-)


  • Lol, I concur grog, left to our own devices, things could go breasts north in no time lol xxx

  • I will be there , no worries , have faith Cookster


  • Haha, well done grog,

    and what a special wife you have.


  • Thank you Mr B

    I have to be honest it is the people on here together with my wife that keep me going throughout some of my bad nights.

    Keep well and good luck to you and yours



  • Hi grog,

    Take it steady on that mile run though or we will all be saying....

    "My gord you do look.........."!!!


    Mimii x

  • Ha Ha

    Well said I had not thought of that

    Keep well...........Keep smiling



  • Oh grog that made me laugh

    Thank you for your comment on my last blog.

    i am worried though that you think whywhy and cookie would add sanity?!

    Seriously thanks for the giggle... Hugs x

  • Glad it made you smile

    I think we all try on here to keep each other going and that's nice.

    As to whywhy and cookie I have just remembered that I have an allergy to nuts!

    Oh dear hope they don't read this

    Keep well Eve



  • O well that's us out then :-D


    That's me & Cookie going on our own then ;-)

  • Oh No you were not meant to see that ;-)

    I cannot manage on my own.Let's keep it a secret from Cookie.

    I have just noticed that Berrty has seen me performing on you tube but I am not sure which one he thinks I am




  • We will be on BTG next year , I am aiming for big things here , so I hope you are prepared :-D


  • Now this is where the generation gap comes in.Me being in my dotage and you a mere teenager I am afraid BTG means nothing to me.

    I have googled it but can only find the Birmingham Taxi Guide or Blackpool Theatre Guide,

    Which one must I prepare for? Please tell me or there will be no sleep for me again tonight

    Ancient Grog


  • Sorry Britain's Got Talent.

    No problem

    That will be a breeze

    PS Do we get paid?



  • grog sorry

    Thank you for the teenager bit , long time since I have been called that , but I will accept it

    Not sure if we get paid , but I am sure B will take us in his car & I might see if Simon Cowell will let me bunk up with him , you never no

    If none of the above , I am sure Cookie will come up with a plan

    So glad you found out what BGT was , would have hated the thought , I was to blame for you been awake tonight ;-)


  • No worries

    I am just going down the barbers to get ready for the auditions.Must look my best.



  • Yes I can see , is this the new look :-o

    If it is do you want me to be honest or lie



  • I have to be honest. This was a picture of me taken 50 years ago when I was just 18.So no need to lie I know I was much better looking then.

    Seriously whywhy it's been a lot of fun today and thanks a lot for cheering me up.

    After just one hours sleep last night I am starting to wilt a bit so will bid you and everybody a safe and peaceful night.



  • Its a pleasure

    I hope fingers crossed you get a good nights sleep


  • Oi, I'm a ginger nut and if I cashew slagging me off, you walnut know what happened lol xxx

  • It's ok Cookie I am a Ginger Beer but I do love your Nuts!

    Great play on words



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