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Big fat stupid panic attacks


I've been having a series of out-of-nowhere panic attacks.

My first tip to get them back in your control is to do the distraction method.

I am working full time (love my job), so the best thing for me to do is to slip on a rubber band round my wrist. OK it looks a little odd, as I'm pinging away, but it helps me bring me back to reality. I hate that surreal 'weird' feeling - half way between a faint and the OMG I'm dying feeling.

The best thing about the rubber band is that you can actually snap it against your wrist while talking to people. You can also leave it there and in some way, feel protected by it. You can keep wearing it for as long as it gives you comfort.

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Hi that's a great idea

Someone suggested this to a member who was finding it hard to deal with a relationship problem

I never thought of using it for general anxiety

I no we have some elastic bands somewhere & I am going to give is a go

Nowadays as fashion is , people might even think its a new fashion accessory ;-)

Well done dealing with your anxiety & holding down a full time job :-)




seyi in reply to Hidden

whywhy tried to contact you in a pm message but dont know how lol.

Hidden in reply to seyi

I will send you one & then you can reply

Hi I agree with whywhy sounds like a brilliant idea to distract your feelings and concentrating on the pain pinging this on your wrist:) instead of the anxiety.

I congratulate you on holding down a full time job.

I am being phased back into work but struggling big time.

Cannot believe anxiety panic etc can change your whole life.

Glad this is working for you. Hugs

Love Seyi xxx

I will use this technique, I am off work atm with all these attacks, its awful, like u I love my job and don't want to loose it. xx

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