Gave myself a little scare :P

Alright, I was nervous earlier but calm myself down lol. Question for the ladies? After using feminine spray, do you hold your breath in to not inhale? I have and couldn't (lol I am not good at it) I think I have inhaled a bit of it and it made me sneeze. Good sign or bad? Can it affect you after breathing a bit in. It didn't get into my lungs or anything.

Btw, how is everyone? Enjoy your day? :)


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  • I love inhaling them lol but im a perfume/lotion freak 👃👃

  • They have a good scent, to be honest lol. But I have problems holding my breath when spraying like it gave up on me 😂

  • Lmao my nose can't close girl i love smelling them too much i can't help myself

  • Lol, oh wow. So it doesn't affect your breathing or anything?

  • I'm afraid to ask: what is feminine spray?

  • Lol, should I tell? But feminine spray is something like for ladies that need freshness in the v area. That's my own meaning. :P

  • That's what I thought. All good. 😊

  • Mhm. :)

  • 😳didn't know they had such products on the market

  • Yeah, me neither. As a kid.. I never knew they sell something that you can spray your private area on lol..awkward.

  • Hopefully they have nicely scented ones like blueberry cheesecake 😁

  • Lol, that will be a good scent!

  • Oh yea big time

  • Lol i don't know how i would feel about smelling like blueberry cheesecake

  • Lol, that would be a good scent though but you are right.

  • It would smell amazing tho

  • Freshness when its burning hot outside lol

  • Lol, that's when it is most needed! 😂

  • Feminine sprays aren't good for the "female" area. Very bad for the delicate skin. Try to avoid if you can. Just a thing my 2 gynos told me..........

  • It's not for evedyday use obviously and the product suppose to be all natural just like the ones they make for boobs, i don't have small boobs and when it gets really hot.... well u see where im going with this

  • Very true. They also can disrupt the natural ph balance in the female area. Honestly, practicing good hygiene goes a long way...

  • Got cha!

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