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Anxiety and excess ear wax!

Seeing another question about ears I thought I'd ask about (yuk) excess ear wax and anxiety.

I had a very bad and stressful time at the beginning of 2011 and weirdly my ears started to fill with wax at the same time, to the extent I had, in the end, to have them syringed.

I all my 50+ years I've never had a single problem with my ears until then and they still are a waxy problem now - and my anxiety is still pretty bad too.

I thought it strange that my ears filling with wax and the horrendously stressful and painful time coincided so exactly until I happened on a comment on another forum about stress and excess ear wax.

Taking 99.9% of all you read on the internet as untrue/made-up/guess work/total boll*cks I searched further and actually found academic and medical studies relating to this weird thing.

Anyone else noticed the same thing or have started to get blocked ears along with anxiety?

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I don't no about ear wax , but I do no 11 years ago after a big op , that brought my anxiety to a peak as it was a trauma , that I have had ever since sinus infections , which affect my ears as well , I get ear ache they feel blocked

They never seem to be able to get to the bottom of what causes it & I have often wondered if anxiety may be contributing to this problem





Hi Bramwell

I haven't had my ears fill up with wax, but I do get really itchy ear holes lol. Inside that drive me mad, and the doctor gave me some steroid cream for it, but it flares up occasionally.

I also get dry skin in the winter time and its just clearing up now, drives me mad.

Wishing you well




Hi, so weird to read this but my ears have been filling with wax and I was wondering if the 2 were connected, they always feel blocked recently. Sort of reassuring I suppose.


Yes, I have had this. I kept on getting a sharp ear ache so went to see my doctor. She couldnt find any infection, just a lot of ear wax and extra sinus activitiy. I was going through a tough time. As soon as this started to resolve, the ear ache went away.

Meanwhile, I used ear drops to soften the wax & tried to ignore the sensation. Its really important not to use ear buds as that pushes the wax down making it worse.


yes I have recuring blocked ears,and have to get them syringed out,I also have ringing in my ears and a feeling of fullness,also sinus trouble now and then,never connected anxiety with this,but who knows,anxiety can give some weird symptoms,in weird places..must look more into it...xx


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