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deep depression and horrible anxiety

hi first time on here for me.i have had depresson before but this past few months i have felt really bad.just cannot stand being on my husband works but i keep phoniing him to come home.went to docs on wednesday have to go through all this rigmarole of blood urine etc tests when i know its not that .i feel i am wasting his time on these tests.i am on mirtazapine but they only help with sleep.i just cannot get motivated anymore.have not done any house work for the past few months my hubby does it and that makes me feel worse.hardly ever out do not like people seeing me like not see an end to this horrible despair.feel i will never get better.feel so on my own.any advice will help xxx

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HI there .

Like you i hate being on my own and was calling my partner all the time .

My problem is not so much depression but have been there in the past and so do understand .

what i did and Do Kat is just do one thing a day but dont just do oit write it done i have a docuoment on th epc i use and then look over it and see what you have achieved . all it takes is one small achievement a day no atter how small that may seem to others , hangingthe washing it was one of my firsts ,

Good luck and you are not alone



I too am on my own a lot as my hubby, who also struggles with anxiety and depression has to go to work as a lorry driver, leaving early in the afternoon and not coming home until the middle of the night. I agree that it is useful to keep some sort of a diary. I have done this since the beginning of the year and in the really bad days it reminds me that it isn't always like this and I have managed to achieve something, even on the worse days. I also look to several of my neighbours who have also suffered but have come through it. There is always hope, hang on to that thought.


thanks bee will take your advice and write things down try doing little at a time lots of love kat xx


Hi Kat. I agree that a little at a time is good. Someone I know says that she knows she's in trouble when she can't butter a slice of toast and that it gives her a great lift when she does achieve it. This being on your own thing is horrid when you feel like this. I do feel sure it will pass - in my experience it always has. The doc should sort out something to help you - it may take a while, but I'm sure you will find it. This is a great site and there are some fabulous people on it who talk a lot of sense, so I reckon you done good to find it! love and hope,xxx.


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