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Was made to leave the family home

Things got really bad by the end of April and the Ex told me i had too leave the family home. turns out it was the best thing that i culd have done. I moved in with some friends in Bristol and got work down here.

Its been over a month now since i had any anxity or depression. I do miss my kids and im hoping the ex will let me have them during the holidays.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that posted on my blogs and helped me through such a hard time.


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Hi Tony, I remember your blogs and so pleased to hear that you feeling so much better. Sometimes getting away from the situation allows us to see things more clearly. Hope you get to have the kids in the hols; have fun. Onwards and upwards eh!


Hi Tony

I remember you as well & I am so pleased things are now working out for you

I hope you will keep us updated , it is so nice to hear good news

All the best





Yeah I remember...... chuffed that you have found peace in yourself...

Good luck for the future...........

My anxiety and depression is subsiding too now that I have ended my relationship and moved on!!



Good for you,must have been your ex causing anxiety ,have a good life now and hope you get your children and enjoy them.good luck.


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