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Many Many Thanks


This is to say thank you to the many people who have helped me through a bad patch in my life.

Some of you may recall that last night I called 111 because I had become very confused.

About two hours 3 people called at the flat and we have had a nice long chat.Very kind people.

They are going to arrange for me to have an emergency alarm fitted by my bed that is active 24 hours a day.

Also they are arranging for someone to visit me twice a week for an hour to take me shopping.

Plus they have asked my GP to call and

assess my medication.

As to my confusion it was my own fault.Lately I have been unable to sleep at night and found the early hours all alone very frightening.

A neighbour told me that she took a little nip of brandy before bed time and this helped her sleep.

I tried it but it did not work.So I took 2 diazapam instead of one and a little more brandy.In the end we worked it out that I had drunk a whole bottle of brandy in two days.

You'd think I would know better at my age.I had already bought a new bottle of brandy but I've offered that to my local charity shop because they are having a raffle.Better than pouring it down the drain.

I have been told that my health anxiety will probably never go away completely but they should be able to control it a bit.

Anyway I do not want to bore you all so just a


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Aww, OAP, SO pleased that you're getting the support you need! I'm sure with a bit of help - and company - you'll feel much better! :) Good that they're getting your GP to review your medication as well - might well be part of the cause.

No, drink is rarely the answer, especially when we're stressed, it's easy to forget how much we've drunk and drink a bit more, as you did - and it certainly doesn't mix well with things like diazepam! :(

Really really hope that with the support you're getting now you'll start to feel better, and having an alarm helps with the fear of being alone at night if you can't sleep - I know, I've had periods when I've felt unwell all night and it can be very frightening, so having someone on the end of an alarm call should reassure you!

That's all really brilliant news, love, do keep blogging and let us know how you go on.

One other thing I wondered - are there any clubs/groups for older people you could join? There usually are - just somewhere to go, have a chat, maybe a game of cards or something, and often you can get lunch - much more fun than eating alone! I'm sure the people who visit you now would know of any such groups, and if transport is a problem they can usually help with that too - just a thought?

Take care, lots of love




So pleased you are getting support its really good news

Please keep coming on here if you want to talk & let us no how you are going on







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