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Thanks to WHYWHY

I would like to propose a big thanks to whywhy.

Not only has she helped me a lot on the sidelines.....she has answered nearly every blog since early this morning.

In fact you have all been great and I hope that we have been able to provide help to those who needed it along the way.

Have a great evening,peace and health to us all.

Now old Grog is putting on his eye mask and bobbly hat and striped night shirt...see you later



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Not everyone grog , I missed 6 , I hadn't got an answer :-o

I now will be in trouble as I made a promise & someone has an eye on me & I think I have been missing them all day , if & when they see this they will no I have not stuck to my promise & I will be in big trouble :-o

In my defence , I do have one , I was given today to do what I want , so there I choose to have a laugh with friends on here

I will now from Monday to Friday , be restricting my hours , to stay on the site , just one in a morning , maybe one at lunch & once tea is done then its my time , so I can choose then

Its been a laugh today , Mr B seems to have gone missing , feel he is still playing dressing up & not realised we have gone home , but hey ;-)

Bertty has done another song its on another blog , havnt a clue what it is , for someone at 40 he does do some old dedications ;-/

Hope you have a good night & you get some rest






Don't wait just to make it quick

Woman tend to the sick

'Cause there must be something she can do

This heart is broken in two

Tell her it's a case of emergency

There's a patient by the name of Bertty

Night nurse

Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst

My night nurse, oh gosh

Oh the pain is getting worse

I don't wanna see no doc

I need attendance from my nurse around the clock

'Cause there's no prescription for me

She's the one, the only remedy

Night nurse

Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst

My night nurse

Oh the pain is getting worse

I hurt my love

And I'm sure

No doctor can cure

Night nurse

Night nurse


Not sure , not heard this one & now I am worried you are not feeling well

Who is this one for Bertty , I now am getting lost with the songs ;-)

Nice to see you sounding happy though , you keep singing , maybe I might no one eventually :-D




You must have heard of Simply Red whywhy

This was for you.....My great nan used to love it




Sorry Bertty yea I have

Thank you its lovely , I will go on You Tube & listen to it

You were suppose to be having a rest from us & you are so kind thinking about us & sending songs

Hope you forgive me ;-)

I will go & listen now ok



Yes that was very nice , listened to it , I like that one , my kind of beat & kind of song

Sorry again ;-)

You did well picking that one



Yes well done whywhy :-)


I havnt done anything B , just don't tell grog ;-)

Thanks though

Hope you are out of costume now ;-)



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