Feeling a little calmer after last nights panic attack,left my radio on as I like the sound of a human voice during the night ,I made myself a hot water bottle ,they can be quite comforting.surprisingly I slept well although bit out of sorts when I woke,iv been out today just down the rd,just took iteasy for most of the day,seeing my gp on fri for I hope a change in my a/d,big thank you to everyone I chatted to last night, hugs xxxx

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  • Hi meg

    glad you're feeling better after last nights nasty little surprise

    xx sam

  • Hi Sam Happy Birthday again :-)


  • Many thanks Hun xxx

  • Hi Meg

    So pleased you had a good nights sleep & have felt better today !

    I have a bit of s sore throat I hope it goes away !

    Well Pink is having a Birthday Party in one of the posts I am sure she would love you to say hello :-)




  • Thanks bev ,hope ur throat gets better soon xxx

  • Hi meg glad ur feeling better Nd glad u slept well after it xxx

  • Hi meg

    Glad you are feeling a bit calmer today

    Jules x

  • Thanks love xxxxx

  • Glad to hear that today was better for you. Hope that it continues.And hope your visit to GP goes well. Julie xx

  • Glad your feeling a little better.I have the radio on all night too,a voice does help xx

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