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Work related trauma

So my Occupational Health Nurse says the company have spent enough money on me. I should be better by now and if I don't TRY to get better I never will - and in the next breath she asks me if I'm claiming compensation or something. Guess what? I think I will now as it is all their fault that I was exposed to such a trauma.

I know my therapist says I should stop the avoidance but I just can't face that woman again and have had to cancel my appointment

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Hi vmhy. Its hard to say much when I don't know your circumstances. Are you off work sick at the moment? Have your employers put any reasonable adjustments in place to help you stay in your job? Are you in a union?

Bev x


Hi vmhy. Have you asked to speak to an OH Doctor? I found our OH people pretty pathetic and their paperwork was terrible - i got someone elses notes! but when i actually got to speak to the doctor she was so very helpful and suggested lots of things i'd not even considered. As hypercat suggests, are you in a union? If so get them on the case. You could join a union but usually you have to wait 6 weeks before they will act for you. Companies do have legal obligations to their staff and if yours are not complying they're breaking the law. Good Luck



I too would suggest getting in touch with your union. The occ doctor I saw was very helpful. Again she talked about possible options. What does your own GP say? Again I don't know your circumstances but if your anxiety has been caused by work they should be talking about ammendments to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Good luck


Thanks for the comments, didn't think about contacting my union. Briefly, I work in a secure hospital and a year ago I was sent on a home visit with a patient who tried to kill herself with a knife to her throat in her mother's kitchen. I was absolutely terrified, but had to talk her down for over 30 mins thinking all the time that she'd be dead any minute. Found out later she'd been identified as a suicide risk and the visit should never have been allowed. I've not taken time off as I need to keep busy to be able to cope. Company eventually sent me for counselling last August and then a limited number of EMDR sessions but now it seems they are losing patience and I "should be better by now" Got a follow up GP appointment next week but I'm getting more anxious now thinking there must be something wrong with me.



So sorry to hear what you were exposed to and i would certainly take this to the union. They put you in a dangerous situation and this is where health and safety plays a big role.

I admire you for still being in work and can fully appreciate why you are feeling the way you are not surprised.

You would think that the company would give you 100% support at any cost.

I sincerly hope you make a recovery from something so awful that may haunt you.

Hey there is nothing wrong with you except you have been exposed to something that is not normally in a day work.

Well done for keeping the person safe and yourself and i admire everything about you.

Give yourself some praise and ignore what the company are saying seek advice.

Take care

God Bless

Love Seyi xxx


Also being the OT made this comment she knows full well you have a bonfide claim against them Plus she should learn peoples skill's on how to communicate with people found her conversation extremely unprofessional.

Best of Luck


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