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You're not alone

On the advice of my doctor and the counsellor i've started seeing, i spoke to my line manager at work about my Anxiety attacks and lack of self confidence, which have arisen following a stressful incident with one of our customers. He was a bit taken aback and although he obviously thinks i'm being a bit of a wimp (I'm the only female engineer in the company) , he's been very kind in letting me work from the office while the others pick up the field work.

However, two days after this, our Head of Service sent an email round saying that we are being restructured which may involve redundancies. Now i feel even more anxious as I think about being a prime candidate for redundancy because of my problem.

On a more positive note, I mentioned how stressful the job was to a colleague and learned to my surprise that he also suffers from anxiety but far worse than me. We've now got a little self help group going between the two of us so we can support each other if needed. It's nice to feel i'm not the only one who can't cope. I wonder how many other companies have several staff with similar problems but who keep it to themselves and think they're alone.

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How sad you feel like this but how good someone at work is there to support you,well support each other.It will make both of you feel better,and someone who understands.


It's funny how,when you start talking, how many people you find with similar problems. There are probably more than 2 of you. You shouldn't be considered for redundancy just because of a bit of stress and management should be careful about it as it could constitute unfair criteria. xx


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